Annual Maintenance contract: Things you need to know

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AMC: All you need to know about it..

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People are moving towards smart living by making their homes smarter with additional and advanced equipment and gadgets to enhance the comfort and convenience of living. The smooth functioning of all equipment and gadgets is essential for achieving the goal of smart living with allround support from the product suppliers to ensure that all equipment runs continuously and performs efficiently.

Suppliers of equipment are aware of the support for periodic services that consumers expect to keep their equipment running. Suppliers and manufacturers have an arrangement in place for providing assured after-sales services for the products on the expiry of their guarantee/ warranty. The arrangement known as an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) entails that the buyer and seller enter into a contract by agreeing on the terms of servicing the products for a specific period against payment of some fees. The concept of AMC existed across industries for many years and is now popular across households.

The essence of such contracts is the assurance of timely service support that gives complete peace of mind to the owners of the products about their smooth functioning. Usually, Annual maintenance contracts are related to the maintenance of machines, equipment, and devices like water pumps, air conditioners, cooking ovens, home security systems, computers, and many other similar items.

However, the concept is also applicable to home maintenance as homeowners enter into a Home maintenance contract with some contractors who take care of the maintenance of their homes. The contractor or home maintenance company is an expert in home maintenance that helps to keep the home in the best condition to ensure comfortable living. The arrangement frees homeowners from fretting and worrying about home maintenance issues that can crop up at any moment and cause disruption.

Annual maintenance contracts – setting the right expectations.

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Since AMCs are a kind of quasi-legal agreement binding on parties, home/ industry/ equipment owners, and suppliers/manufacturers. A clear understanding of the annual maintenance contract in Dubai should help to protect consumers’ interests by ensuring the right kind of return on investment (ROI) through prolonged equipment life.

The most important aspect of AMCs is that these set the right expectations of servicing between the product or property owners and suppliers. The contract is very much reassuring for the product owners because they can choose the best maintenance company in Dubai to take proper care of their equipment or property which provides them great relief.

As explained above, annual maintenance contracts are applicable for buildings and landscaping, too. The salient features of annual maintenance contracts
A typical annual maintenance contract should include information that determines what to expect from it. The information includes the names and addresses of the parties involved in the agreement and other details such as:

– List of equipment used for each service
-List of all the services included: ac repair, ac cleaning, ac duct cleainghouse painting, villa painting services, handyman dubai...
– The value of the contract and the period of validity. The period of validity can be one year or more.
– The details of the services to be provided and whether it includes the supply of spares
-The number of visits per service during the period of the contract, its interval, and the response time for
emergency calls.
-Whether it’s a comprehensive contract that includes the cost of materials required for repair and if any extras
are payable.
-The terms and conditions including violations by either party can attract penalties and even annul the contract.
The terms and conditions must elaborately mention the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved
including any third party.
-The exclusions which are the things not covered by the contract should have specific mention in the agreement.
– The contract should mention the clauses about termination or cancellation before the expiry of the contract by
either party. It should also mention if any penalty is applicable for premature cancellation of the contract.
-There should be a clear mention of the payment terms.
-The contract should mention any additional services that might be provided at an extra cost.

The most visible benefit of AMC is the absolute peace of mind of the service recipients due to the assured availability of
an expert to resolve the problem successfully. Moreover, AMCs are cost-effective because it costs lesser than on-call
repairing not covered by AMC. Moreover, the predictable and fixed cost of maintenance allows better budgeting and
finance management as you can allocate the funds in advance without fearing cost escalation.

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