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Painting services in Dubai:

Infiway is a maintenance company with professional painting services in dubai. We are also a painting company in dubai offering painting services at the best quality and rate. Our services include: 

-Apartment painting services in dubai
House painting services in dubai
-Store painting services in dubai

– Ac maintenance and that consists of ac repair, ac coil cleaning and ac duct cleaning in dubai
-Electrical maintenance
– Plumbing services
– Carpentry services

With Infiway, all you need to sit and relax as you will be giving your maintenance work to people that have been in the field for more tha 10 years. Whether it is house remodelling and repainting or carpetry work. Our team is always ready for you.

Why do you need to hire Infiway for Your Home Painting Service In Dubai ?

Infiway is a maintenance company that provides professional home painting services in dubai. Our work ethics is what makes us stand out from the other painting companies and painting services in dubai.

We offer exterior and interior painting service. Whatever the service you want to choose you will get a consultation service.

In our consultation service we will:

  • Discuss your vision with this renovation project
  • Discuss the technical aspects of your house paint: Humidity levels, current isolation problems. We need to know all the current existing issues or problems to be able to recommend you the suited products
  • Color consultation: As a professional painting services in dubai, We offer color consultation where we present you with the different color mixes and options currently available.

Whether it is a small room or the entire house you need repainted, you will be getting the same professional service and pre-paint consultation. We aim to get the work done right. For each project scale we have a specific painter in dubai with complete experience and expertise.

House Painting Service in Dubai

Professional House Painting Services

Infiway is a professional full service home painting service company located in Dubai. Our goal and mission is to give you the highest quality home painting services. We know for a fact that the service and quality of our work is hard to find as in comparison to hiring a freelance painter in dubai. If you are willing to upgrade your house from good to excellent, then we are the most convenient choice for you.

Professional Paint Work

Thanks to our paint application work ethics, we gained a high reputation for our home painting services. Our high range of capabilities made us an unforgettable name in the wall painting services market in dubai.
If your project requires multiple colors and textures or the same palette, quality and satisfaction are guaranteed. We only use the best available paint materials.
Our paint materials are:
-Low voc
-Low Odor


Our pricing model depends on the project you are aiming for and the square meter of the walls you needed painted. We also take into consideration if the job includes exterior or interior painting or both. At our consultation meeting we will discuss everything with you after we take notes on your enquiries. We will give you an estimate of the pricing.
We offer reasonable pricing for the quality we offer.


Time slots you can usually book at: 
Please note that you will need to call us or e-mail us to guarantee the availability of the slot you need. It is easy to reach us as we are available. What you need to do is take actions! You should also know that we also provide apartment painting service in dubai

06:00 AM To 08:00 AM
10:00 AM To 12:00 PM
02:00 PM To 04:00 PM
06:00 PM To 08:00 PM
08:00 AM To 10:00 AM
12:00 PM To 02:00 PM
04:00 PM To 06:00 PM
our painting work

What are the currently available paint in the market?

Water Based Emulsion vs Oil Based Paint?

Usually an interior painting job requires either water based paint or oil based. If you are not sure about which one is better for you we can guide you with making the decision:

Water Based Emulsion

Water-based emulsion is the option to choose if you want a quick process and an easier work. This is because this type of paint is very easy to work wite so it is applied and dried easily. It is safe. It is also low odor so if you need a quick painting job without stressing your smelling senses, this one’s for you.  

Water based emulsion provides either a smooth matte or low sheen finish. This is currently the trend in wall paints. 


-Many color varieties
-Easy to dry
-Hides imperfections easily
-Perfect solution for sudden renovation projects

Oil Based Paint

Oil-based paint is also a great alternative and paint option to choose from. This one is slower to dry than the first one. The reason being is that the ingredients added to this type of paint makes it harder and thicker. This is the best option for you if you have more time on your hands for workers and mess in your house. This option however is more durable than the first one. So if you are looking for durable paint, this one’s for you.

Oil-based paint provides either a high gloss or satin finish. If you are looking for luxurious finished, this one’s for you


-Many finishes and color varieties
-Hides imperfections easily
-Perfect solution for long renovation projects
– Resistant to mold
-Resistant to fading

We will explain all the difference between the different paint types to easen your life and choice.

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