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Why Hire Infiway For Your Apartment Painting In Dubai ?

Professional apartment painting services in dubai

Infiway is a specialist in services related to interior and exterior apartment wall painting. We deliver diverse colors that are suited to all types of needs and requirements of our clients. Infiway is a maintenance company with apartment painting services in dubai We are dedicated to you, our consumer and to meet all of your expectations and we aim to match your visions.

Our professional painters in dubai are one of the most trained ones in the field of painting. They utilize their expertise to deliver you a neat and professional painting job. The team follows the best practice rules, standards and painting techniques. You will not find any missing spots, any damages nor paint chipping. Our extreme attention to our work and process details has allowed us to gain a name in the market of painting services. We have been doing our work for more than 10 years now. 

Painting Service

The key to our success is our knowledge, respect of time and results driven motivation. We respect your time as we understand the busy lifestyle in dubai. We know you need to get the job done at a minimal time but with good results at the end. Our team does not waste time. We pay extreme focus to our time management so you are satisfied.

We appreciate and value consumer communication.For that, we make sure to hear you out and keep communication with you before, during and after the work is done.

Before: We offer a consultation service to take notes of what you want to achieve with this painting project. Are you trying to upgrade the room to match a new trend? Did you get bored with the design style? Are you trying to go for a more minimalistic or modern approach?

Our Quality Policy

The most crucial policy we rely on is our quality policy. No painting work must be done without it being conform to our quality standards:
– The paint used most be of high quality
– Standard paint available must be low voc
– Paint used must be Low odor and not heavy
– The quality of paint must be supreme: In other words paint needs to be anti-bacterial

We care about you, your family and your apartment. We understand that paint not only it needs to be done efficiently but also the painting material needs to be the healthiest one there for your safe wellbeing and that of your kids.

We pride ourselves on having the best practice ethics and standards in the house painting services industry in Dubai. We do not leave our client with a messy apartment, not a messy job. Our professional workers will be alo cleaning after their work. The residue paint will be removed and we will make sure the floors are also cleaned (in case there was a spilling). We make sure that we have a final supervision that everything is neat and clean and then we hand you your apartment. After we’re done, you will feel like you moved into a new apartment thanks to the freshly painted walls.

Professional apartment painting services in dubai

Pick the Right Paint Finish For Your Apartment

Wall painting your apartment will definitely give it a new fresh look. The hardest part on your end as an apartment owner is choosing the colors of this new paint. The choice of the color will enormously influence the vibe in the room. This is why you need to be careful about your choices and options. We already know that the work is gonna be top notch quality since you are working with Infiway. But, what about the colors and finishes choice? 

Types of Paint Finish

Paint finishes are divided into 5 main categories:

  • Flat/Matte: This like the name suggests, is a flat finish. You will have a muted look and no shine at all. This is a perfect option for low visibility areas like a hallway. Recently, this finish is used with dark color palettes like dark browns, black and grays to add accent to the room. 
  • Eggshell: This is a more durable option than the flat/matt one. An eggshell paint option adds a softer shine into the room walls. 
  • Satin: This is an out of the box choice. A perfect one if you are looking to be different and add more light to walls in important rooms like the salons or the dining areas.
  • Semi-gloss:  This paint option allows light to be more reflected. It is resistant to humidity and moisture. It is recommended for areas like the bathrooms or kitchens. 
  • High-gloss: Amongst all the previous options, this one is the most durable one but it takes the longest to apply and dry.

The first thing you need to know before booking with professional painting services in dubai is the room you are looking to paint. What is the purpose of the room? What are you trying to achieve? You also need to think long term. Do you want the paint to be durable or are you planning on changing wall colors after a couple of years? 

With Infiway, you don’t need to worry about safety of the paint as we only offer the highest quality and good products that will not harm you nor your family. We are a reputable painting company in dubai offering villas and home painting services in dubai for over than a decade.

If you want more help and guidance, we created a painter in dubai guide. This guide contains tips and explanation on many topics regarding paint trends and painting services dubai based


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See our valued customers review their experience with our professional service. We make sure with 100% client satisfaction which meets the highest standards.
Ali BatainehAli Bataineh
04:21 31 May 24
Great job thanks guys
Amr KhedrAmr Khedr
04:12 31 May 24
Rakesh did a great job on my carpentry project. The quality of his work was excellent, and he finished everything on time. He was professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.
preethi shettypreethi shetty
14:09 30 May 24
Thank you so much Infiway. Literally the quickest and the best service everytime.Not just doing their job but thank you for going out of the way to make sure the issue is fully resolved even if it not concerned to you.Mr. Rakesh firstly, thank you for your swift response and assurance.Juned,Shibji and Ansar, thank you guys for being so patient and making sure to go out of the way to help us resolve the issue.Really, the best customer service experience. 👏👏👏👏
kosai Syriakosai Syria
15:02 28 May 24
S AhamdS Ahamd
14:00 28 May 24
Muhammad ijaz and javeed,Thank you very much for works! I signed contract with Infiway and really happy with there services!Highly recommend!
Midia SmayelMidia Smayel
13:36 24 May 24
Infoway, one of the best contracting companies we worked with. They’re agile, fast, going above and beyond the required service to solve all issues with regards to the house. The team members are friendly, customer oriented, and professional. Definitely recommended.
Shiraaz SackoorShiraaz Sackoor
16:33 21 May 24
Infiway is an amazing company to deal with, very professional and super helpful and came at very short notice to help with a water tank cleaning. Khaled and Rakesh have super supportive, polite and professional in their engagement and support. The team is very knowledgeable and did an amazing job on the cleaning with a big shout out to Mohamed waqas, Mohamed Waqar and Chandra for the amazing on ground support
nabil al rustamaninabil al rustamani
16:34 27 Apr 24
I was fortunate to have an exceptional team respond swiftly when my water tank became contaminated. Mohd Wakas, Chandra, and Omparaksh delivered outstanding work, providing thorough briefings before and after completing the task. I appreciate their hard work and professionalism. Thank you for the excellent service!
Damiano FieramoscaDamiano Fieramosca
06:55 12 Mar 24
The service is very fast and professional! Muhammad Waqas, Ijaz and Chandra were very good, polite and able to accommodate all our small on-the-go requests! The biggest job was disassembling our ‘catio’ and rebuilding it on the new villa making all the necessary adjustments. Our cats were very satisfied and highly recommend these guys!
Laila MasriLaila Masri
16:28 03 Aug 23
The coordinator of the team - Rakesh is highly professional and very punctual. He treats clients with utmost respect and makes sure to deliver best prices and value for money.The Technicians - Jeelan, Ijaz and Omprakash were super hygienic, efficient, and gentle in their treatment of the material - they made sure to repaint the entire area they worked on my ceiling is shiny with new paint and the work was done with excellence! They even cleaned up the whole area after and moved their tools out of the way for easy mobility of the house space!Couldn’t recommend INFIWAY more!