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Why is Infiway the Best Maintenance Company in Dubai

Infiway was founded in 2009 by a young group of creative individuals who wanted to enhance the customer journey in the property maintenance industry in Dubai. Strategically located in Business Bay, one of Dubai’s most prominent residential and business areas, Infiway comprises a professional and dedicated team of an in-house network of specialists, contractors, local subcontractors, and nominated suppliers which consistently delivers a high level of service.

Throughout the years, Infiway successfully completed many residential & commercial fit-out and maintenance works. All projects were meticulously executed with seamless project management, engineering, value engineering, design-build, and procurement needs in the market. Moreover, Infiway Contracting LLC currently handles complete home maintenance services in dubai and provides solutions for the issues/challenges addressed by their clients.

Infiway’s Work Ethic

It takes one call to fix it all

For various reasons, Infiway believes that all maintenance issues should be resolved immediately. This not only avoids faults and problems to escalate and become more costly over time but it also helps to avoid any disruptions to your life and work balance. For instance, you may think that a little leak from your AC is not a big deal, but that is an indication that there is a bigger underlying problem. The more you ignore it, the bigger it will get. 

Over the years, Infiway managed to bring together a team of hard-working individuals who are qualified, licensed, and expert in their respective fields. All Infiway employees undergo frequent training programs in order to be able to assist and serve you better. We do not only fix and repair your household problems but we also guide you on what to look out for how to prevent any future damage and faults. Infiway’s compassion towards their clients is what makes them the best maintenance company in Dubai. 

How Can You Contact The Best Maintenance Company in Dubai?

Best Maintenance Company in Dubai

Infiway made it very easy to get in touch and book a service. Simply go on our website, find and click on the service you need, and submit your details. Our friendly customer service team will get back to you shortly to schedule an appointment and may ask you also for additional information regarding your maintenance issue. 

Infiway’s Maintenance Service List

You may find the maintenance service that you need here:

⚙️Ac repair in dubai services: ac coil cleaning, ac repair, ac duct cleaning in dubai
⚙️We offer annual maintenance contract in dubai
⚙️House painting including Wall Painting 
⚙️Electrical Maintenance
⚙️Handyman services in dubai
⚙️Plumbing Services : The most qualified  “plumber near me” services in dubai. 
⚙️refurbishment services dubai
⚙️Fit out service in dubai
⚙️Cleaning Services
⚙️Handyman dubai based services and Fixtures
⚙️Pest Control 


We carefully select & pitch our projects to make sure that our customers are satisfied & pleased with the results. We deliver artistic, authentic & creative services & turn them into masterpieces.