Can I do AC maintenance myself?

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Should i be doing the AC maintenance myself?

Air conditioners are working all year long in Dubai to provide a bearable temperature that helps with the constant heatwaves. This uninterrupted constant operation causes issues and problems. These problems can happen at any given moment.

We understand that you might not want to call ac repair and maintenance experts as it might be inconvenient for you. AC maintenance services require both a budget and an existing deal with a repair company. It’s too much.

So, Can you do you ac repair on your own? Is it easy?

Can I do AC maintenance myself?

The quick answer is : No ! Approximately all ac problems need a well trained HVAC technician.

You shouldn’t even be thinking of trying to fix any air conditioner issues yourself. The truth is, the current structure of an AC is a bit sensitive as it takes years of experience to master dealing with it. Specific materials and tools are also used for each issue. Especially is the problrem is related to the ac compressor.

Another point is that you may not know the actual issue in the ac system and you can end up making things worse. The provlem can be regarding specific ac unit. For that, you need to have an understandment in air conditionning units. So rather than paying that 150 AED service fee,you’ll end up buying a new AC if you ruin it,which is way more expensive.

Some issues include:

  • Motor problems: In this case, you will probably need to replace it or fix it
  • Water leaks
  • Refrigeration issues
  • Ac coil ruined due to lack of regular check-ups : For this coil cleaning services are definitely recommended.

There also could be underlying issues related to electrical maintenance. In this case, you will probably be needing an electrician. And NO don’t think about doing any electrical work yourself!

With that being said, there’s some repairs you can actually do on your own. They’re not considered as big repairs but there are stuff you can manage doing without the need to have knowledge. 

So What are the maintenance jobs you can do?

man thinking abour fixing the ac himself

  • Testing the air filters: The filters remove all dusts and dirt which allows clean air flowing from your ac cabinets. With Dubai being known for its sandy weather, the HVAC cabinets will get clogged faster as there’s more dirt and sand being caught by the filters. You should consider this when you start noticing that the air that’s coming out of your AC is blocked or restrained.
  • You can check these filters regularly and clean them by removing the existing dirt.
  • Examining the thermostat: This is the most basic and silly ‘repair’ task to do, but it can happen that the settings are altered. If you have kids in the house, they could have played with the thermostat and changed the settings and initial programming. Checking this won’t hurt, and oh boy, imagine how you could’ve saved yourself money by just doing that !
  • Cleaning the external unit: The external unit is basically either the condenser or compressor.
  • The condenser is where you’ll find the remains of the waste, junk or debris. All you need to do is take a thin brush and remove them. Another thing to consider is that your condenser should not be near any plants as leaves may be stuck there.. 
  • Powering off the AC and restarting it: You should consider this when you notice your AC fans are now working properly. Sometimes, this is due to sensory overload. This is not an electrical issue, your fans just ‘forgot’ to work. Turn off your AC, power off the units and wait around 10 minutes. After 10 minutes have passed, turn them on again. If your fans are working then that’s great. If not, this is the time to consider calling an expert.
  • Checking and confirming that the room vents are all open.

What are the things to leave for the professionals?

  • Maintenance checkups : this can help notice issues before they start causing a problem. With these checkups all the basic examinations, the professionals will give you a detailed report on the situation and the health of your AC. 
  • Cleaning the internal unit: The internal unit consists mainly of the evaporator. They can clean the coil or the drain depending on the obstacle found
  • All the basic repairs that were listed above ! We know we said you can do these. But, it’s still better to let an expert do them. After all, they have years of experience and knowledge in comparison to us!
  • Electrical problems

Professional HVAC Maintenance in Dubai, the UAE

If you are now looking for a maintenance company in dubai, Infiway can assist and guide you with all your cooling problems including ac duct cleaning in dubai. We also offer annual maintenance contract packages depending on the size and type of your house!

Our ac repair servicing include repair services for all types of ac, in addition to that we offer emergency calls services if you signed an AMC with us.

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What you can check on yout own without causing damages:
The only thing we recommend you do on your own is checking the ac thermostat. Check if there’s an issue with it and that the actual temperature is set correctly.  Also, you can check the batteries in the case that your unit won’ switch ON.

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