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Choose the Best Cleaning and Sanitization Service in Dubai

Commercial cleaning and sanitizing services operating in Dubai are galore. Given the new public environment during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is all the more essential to keep the workplace and home sanitized and clean all the time. Public workplaces and office workstations are breeding grounds for germs and pests. These areas are more susceptible to carrying germs, bacteria, and coronavirus. Nowadays, standard sanitization procedures are undertaken, thus keeping in mind the dreaded coronavirus factor. All standardized practices come into action when cleaning surfaces in public places.

Sanitizing public workplaces is difficult for individuals. Ideally, this job needs to be handled by professional Cleaning Services in Dubai. Since this service is a year-round job, one must inquire about the quality of the services offered by different agencies.

What to expect from the cleaning service provider?

One must be looking for the following attributes before handing the work contract to the cleaning services:


The cleaning and sanitization service must have adequate knowledge and skills in Deep Cleaning and sanitation of public places. They should have skilled professionals in their team who have experience working on similar assignments before. As working areas comprise different sections, they do not require the same cleaning process and cleaning products. Moreover, the various work areas are required to be handled effectively with care.

Using quality cleaning products

Before finalizing the cleaning services contract, one needs to clarify at the outset what would be the cleaning and sanitization procedure, frequency, and cleaning materials used. Professional services use basic cleaning materials such as diluted bleach solution or disinfectant as they are safe for surfaces.

Most surfaces generally do not get damaged by bleach, and professional sanitization services can identify which kind of surface needs to be checked and cleaned and with what product. A diluted bleach solution effectively kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the dreaded corona. Generally, Disinfection Services in Dubai use government-approved cleaning products. These products are safe for use both for the cleaners and the users of public workplaces. If there are carpets or upholstery in the sitting area of the office, then the services must ensure they are disinfected and cleaned as well. For these surfaces, appropriate cleaning products are used.


The cleaning service should be able to handle multiple tasks in one go. It means to facilitate the cleaning process; the skills of professional cleaners are required to address more than one area simultaneously. This way, they will be able to clean the entire workplace in a short time. Since this will be a routine job, the service providers should ensure the cleaning process commences before office hours begin, thereby preventing interruptions in the workplace.


Cost-effectiveness is an important consideration when it comes to outsourcing cleaning and sanitization services. Pricing is a significant consideration as all organizations have an annual budget for office administrative expenses. Organizations have a vendor quotation policy that allows a minimum of three quotations to be taken from vendors for comparison. The final selection depends on the cost-effectiveness and the overall scope of work the cleaning services will be offering.

Due Diligence

It is good to look around for the best cleaning and sanitization services and not finalize in a hurry. Today, many large organizations, including government-owned, ask for the submission of public Tender. Once the scope of work is determined, the vendors have to offer their best quote and company profile. In the private sector, seeking recommendations or checking the website of such services gives one the lead to go ahead. The vendors usually provide their company profile and list of existing customers. If the vendors are already providing services to other reputable companies, then one can know that the services will be reliable. Checking out past track records for reliability and consistency also helps to a great extent.

Why are professional cleaning services required?

A common question that may arise is why one should outsource cleaning and sanitization work to vendors when the office staff or housekeeping boys can handle a routine cleaning job. The answer is professional cleaning and sanitization services come better equipped to handle such jobs more effectively. They are also accountable for the proper cleaning of offices.

Cleaning and sanitization work are non-productive work when it comes to an organization's goals and objectives. Yes, they do contribute indirectly by ensuring proper workplace hygiene and ensuring employees do not fall sick. Also, a clean office is one factor that employees consider a great place to work. Therefore, to avoid increasing employee overhead costs just for these services, hiring a Professional Cleaning and Sanitization Service is preferable.


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