5 Common AC issues you will face and how to fix them

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Dubai’s weather is known for its warmth, constant heat waves and hot climate all year round . Not having an AC is not really an option to be able to live in this place. Air conditioners are your best friend to help you withstand the sandy hot temperatures.

What are the Problems I might face?
Almost all of Dubai's population uses air conditioning for prolonged periods of time during the day.
However, this means that with the constant usage of it, homeowners are bound to run into trouble. They are most likely to deal with several AC issues, and it is essential to do regular electrical maintenance and  checkups on the AC’s elements.

To avoid ending up in a serious situation, it is best to know what are the common air conditioner problems that you are bound to face and what are their solutions?

  1. Ac not turning on

  2. Water Leak (Inside and outside)

  3. Airflow problems

  4. Coil Problems

  5. Electrical Brownout and failure

 Man sweating because the AC is having problems

Issue 1: AC not turning ON
This problem is obviously a no-brainer. If you had recently bought a new ac, this means there were probably problems in the measurements, installation or you may just have a real back luck and landed on a faulty ac .
However, if you had it for a long time (let’s say more than 10 years) it’s probably time to come to terms that the components are now worn out and you might need to replace them.
For this issue, evaluate how long you have had this AC for. If it’s neither an old or a new purchase then proceed to check your thermostat batteries.
In case you find the batteries fully drained, then put in new ones to fix the issue. If you find batteries still have power, though, check if the thermostat exists in the “cooling” mode and set it at the temperature setting you want. 

On the other hand, you can check your AC’s circuit breaker. Another option to resolve common AC maintenance issues in Dubai is flipping the circuit breaker of your AC unit to “ON.” Take note, though, that switching on an AC unit that is malfunctioning might cause further damage. Suppose the problem persists despite executing these simple tricks. In that case, it’s time to ask for help from an experienced expert in this area.

Issue 2 : Water Leak

Water can drip from your air conditioning when there is a jam in the PVC pipe and condensate the line of the unit. These are the air and water passages. Typically, the AC system produces condensation that's drained accurately. Sometimes, the drain lines are blocked or leaked. Then, there, too, are instances when the AC's condensate pump stops working. 

This annoying and common AC maintenance issue in Dubai can also happen due to a lot of reasons. For this case, you can resolve the issue by checking the PVC drain and condensate lines.
If the line is jammed, remove whatever is blocking it by flushing the debris using compressed air. 

Of course, it is best to follow your manual's instructions on how to clean the lines. By getting rid of the debris clogging your AC drain pipe, you can simply prevent a leakage issue. You can also verify the whole electrical attachment of your AC to its condensate pump and change the pump as needed. And don't forget to inspect your condensation conduit pipe for any leak.  

Take note that the pipeline's refrigerant leaking, another common AC maintenance issue in Dubai, can make a room feel warm, not cold. Also, it can prompt frost towards building on the ac coil cleaning in Dubai and seep out water. However, frozen loops in ACs stay also as a warning of airflow problems due to other junks on the system. 

An example is a dust-filled air sift or jammed return-air ductwork. So, if you notice anything frozen in your AC system, turn it off and give it time to defrost by itself. After that, seek professional help by calling a technician to resolve the issue. 

Always remember that AC ducts and the whole system are likely to collect lots of stuff that can trigger allergies and even cause life-threatening ailments. Hence, aside from tackling common AC maintenance issues in Dubai, AC units must be regularly cleaned besides disinfected. In this way, you boost your AC's ability to take out moisture from air due to high humidity, mildew, and molds.

Issue 3 : Airflow Problems

This problem is caused by the build-up of dirt and sand. To fix this issue all you need to do is turn off your AC, remove the air duct covers and clean the grates.
Then turn off the power connected to the heating and air conditioning system and start cleaning softly.

Issue 4 : Coil problems
A coil evaporator is one of the most important AC components. It absorbs the heat from the air inside your home. It is important to keep the coil evaporator clean and minimize dirt on it. This is the main reason why it gets ruined. So the solution would be to do a thorough ac coil cleaning regularly

Issue 5 : Electrical Brownout and failure
If you are suspecting that the problem may be caused by an electrical failure, then it’s best to understand that this is a high risk issue. It is best to seek an electrical maintenance company in dubai. They will be more knowledgeable on the situation.

Usually it’s best to leave the fix for professionals as it’s a guaranteed fix. There’s plenty of home maintenance services in dubai that offer an annual maintenance contract to make life easier for you when dealing with these issues. They offer regular check-ups and ac repair services that are of high quality. 

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