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Is it Time for a Home Fit-out?

Are you aware that as early as 2008, the government of Dubai has issued guidelines for all industrial, residential, institutional, and commercial premises under Dubai’s Zoning Authority? This covers all new fit-out additions, works, and fit-out changes. So, if you are thinking of a fit out service in dubai, you should familiarize yourself with these rules. There are four areas that the guideline covers. For homes in Dubai, if your home does not fall within the set guidelines, it is definitely time for a home fit-out.

The worker guy measures the length of the room. focus on the ruler. the man is out of focus.

Architectural and Partitioning

The required internal interior spaces for leased areas are as follows:

Area Minimum width Minimum area

-Living room: 2.7 meters 9.29 square meters

-Service room: 2 meters 6 square meters

-Maid room: 2.1 meters 6.5 square meters

-Bedroom: 2.5 meters 7.5 square meters

-Bathroom: 1.5 meters 2.78 square meters

-Toilet: 0.9 meter 1.4 square meters

-Kitchen: 1.5 meters 3.71 square meters

If the areas in your home do not fit the said minimum width and size, then it is time for you to do some home renovation. Any other area use must also be provided consistent with the number of persons occupying the space in line with the international standard. For residential corridors, the minimum width is 1.5 meters for spaces smaller than 232.24 square meters. If your home space is 232.25 square meters or more, the minimum corridor width should be 1.8 meters.

home renovation services dubai is needed when the precise elevation of internal floorings does not meet the required minimum height of 2.7 meters. The same is true when your home does not meet the ventilation and lighting openings. This means that all spaces inside a building, such as a kitchen, corridors, stairways, corridors, and leased areas, must have natural ventilation and light through door and window openings.

Suppose you are required to air a corridor or entrance through its side space. In that case, it is necessary to consider both as a complete area. Homes with open kitchens must have sufficient ventilation, as well. The required minimum width for homes is 0.9 meter.

Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical Installations

The best maintenance companies in dubai offering fit-out and handyman services in dubai can help you with your mechanical, plumbing, and electrical Installations especially if you failed to comply with these fittings. The rule requires that the structure of cables, gears, gadgets, and add-ons must abide by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) rules and allied British Standards (BS). Note that the least power supply from DEWA exists as “230/400 V ±10%, 50 Hz, 3-phase, 4 wire” with a single neutral and shielding rod.

All supplies, gears, gadgets, and add-ons used in plug-in fitting must be designed and rated for function on this power supply. If your home does not follow such regulations, then it’s time for you to have refurbishment services Dubai. Also, make sure your home’s lighting luminance follows the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) standards.

It follows, therefore, that all electrical symbols utilized must adhere to the above reference. Periodic inspection, maintenance, and checking of fit-outs installed are also carried out towards ensuring safety and acceptable performance. A fit-out and renovation may be required when a periodic, random check and rectification is arranged for discovered defects as advised by DEWA or the Zoning Authority Development Control.

However, the tenant or homeowner is not allowed to make any extensions or alterations to the fitted electrical installation with no prior approval from the Zoning Authority Development Control. Sockets and switches are generally fixed compliant with the framing heights, besides the measurement endorsed in related standards.

All fan and lighting circuits are generally installed with a top load for each circuit as 1,200 watts and a circuit breaker score of 12 A (2.5 mm2 / 2.5 mm2 circuit conductor) or 16 A (2.5 mm2 / 2.5 mm2 circuit conductor). At least 100 watts is considered for every standard fan and lighting point.

The switches required aimed at electric supply’s local isolation to individual devices and circuits must meet the terms of BS 3676. If not, then it’s time for a home fit-out in Dubai! Switch ratings are selected based upon individual uses, such as inductive or resistive loads.

The least current rating is 5 A. The single-phase plugs and socket-outlets used in homes and commercial fittings have to conform to BS 1363. Also, the socket outlets must be shuttered-type, double pole, 3-pin flat type attached to a switch. A double bar with neon display switches of proper rating is provided by the Department of Energy (DOE) control on water heaters.

You need a Refurbishment services Dubai when the water heater’s control switch situated in a toilet or bathroom is not installed directly outside the said bathroom or toilet. Water heaters must be linked to a single final sub-circuit of the distribution panel. The heater is incorporated as a primary grounding terminal closest to the neutral and phase terminals.

A 20m isolators or 15amp switched socket conduits must be provided to air-con (A/C) units, including FCU and other blower types. Double pole switches, of proper rating, having flex outlet set near the A/C must be provided to manage other A/C units. If your A/C unit is not linked to a single final sub-circuit of the distribution panel, it’s time for a renovate home in Dubai.

Where it’s possible or valid, the A/C system must be controlled using a timer and a motion sensor. Meanwhile, the light circuits must be handled via energy-effective switching methods like sensors, timers, and relays. The light fitting types used in renovating premises are as follows:

Circular, compact, or linear fluorescent lights, not incandescent lamps

Electronic ballast, not magnetic ballast

Halogen with a dimming system

Light-emitting diodes lights

Metal halide and HPS

Besides this, there are health, safety, and environmental regulations to follow, besides structural rules, as needed. On top of these is the required paperwork for approval. So, to make sure, it’s best to request Infiway to check your home. Infiway can take care of your approval and construction requirements for your home fit-out and renovations.

Infiway has built client trust through the years, as evidenced by the home fit-out in Dubai projects completed by their experienced team. Despite that, they never stopped enhancing their services based on their accumulated experiences and feedback from their notable clients. Why not avail of their zero-cost consultation?


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