How to Give a New Look to Home by Painting Services in Dubai?

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Home Painting services in Dubai: All the basics you need to know


Handyman fixtures in dubai like painting are required by homeowners, landlords, and tenants at some point. It ensures the property is well maintained, looks good, and appreciates its real estate market value. Home painting is a cumbersome activity that lasts from one or two days to a couple of weeks, depending on the project size.

Instead of painting home DIY, hiring a home painting service in Dubai is preferable. However, with so many service providers out in the market, how does one decide which one is the best? 

To narrow down the choice, it is essential to research and then make an informed decision.

Why Paint your Home regularly?

House Painting is done for a variety of reasons, but the two main reasons are

If one is living in their own home or moving in, one would like to have a painting as per choice. New painting trends like decorative paints and new pastel colors all give a reason to go for fresh paint. By painting the external and internal walls of the home, one adds value and character to the property resulting in enhanced value.

If one is a tenant and, after staying for a couple of years, vacates the place, then there is the possibility that they have to get the place repainted as mentioned in the tenancy agreement. The landlord usually refunds the security deposit to the tenant only after the house or apartment is returned to its original condition. Many painting services offer refresher, single coat, or moving-out painting at reasonable costs.

Tips to deal with dealing with painting services for your home in Dubai:

Making a checklist of painting job works best:

It is a must to make a list of the painting work to be carried out before approaching the painting services company. The painting project usually includes internal and exterior walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. The corollary job includes repairing cracks and holes in the wall and ceiling; before applying a coat of paint. The total scope of painting duration and cost is to be ascertained.

  • Shortlist the painting services company

Many Painting Services in Dubai are well-known and established maintenance companies like Infiway Contracting LLC. They offer professional painting services apart from AMC services. There are freelancers and small firms that do not have the required license to carry out such jobs by the UAE authorities. It is best to avoid them as the quality of the job is not guaranteed. Also, there is a risk of incurring penalties from the authorities for flouting licensing laws of Dubai. The other trouble with unlicensed and freelance painters is that there is no written job work contract, and their chances of time and cost overrun the painting projects. It is common to see regular disputes between the customer and freelancers about the painting work carried out.

  • Take at least three estimates

It is a standard practice that one should take at least three estimates from painting service companies for comparison. Given that the painting project is the same for all themes, one can see the labor or material costs deviations. In Dubai, the labor wages are less fixed, but it is the material and other stuff where painting companies cut corners and try to make maximum profit.

One should check the paint brands being promised by the service provider and if they differ, then ask for the exact brand pricing for them. Also, look out for the type of paint being used. Is it the low-cost distemper or acrylic emulsion? If one prefers acrylic emulsion for interiors, then check if they are glossy or premium materials.

Getting all three service providers to inspect the place earmarked for painting is recommended, and then giving their quotation. Or else there will be disputes with them later regarding which area was not covered under the agreement.

  • Movement and relocation of Household stuff

The painting services company also carries out the shifting and putting it back on furniture during and after the painting. They ensure that no damage to household items is done. After the work is complete, cleaning and setting the house in order is their responsibility. Check if they are willing to do all this.

The advantage of hiring the best home maintenance company in dubai, like Infiway Contracting, is that they complete the painting work within the agreed schedule and cost. The result is that a homeowner gets quality painting service without any hassles.



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