Painting trends to consider this year

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Painting trends to consider this year

It's time to start thinking about doing some maintenance work and updating your home in the next year. We've rounded up some of the most popular colors of paint, so you can make sure that your vision is reflected in your next house renovation.

A paint color trend is often an indicator of what style you want to bring into your home and how you're planning on decorating. The best way to find out what colors are trending is by listening in on conversations and seeing what colors others gravitate towards, not only on Pinterest but also in real life.The colors you use in your home are an important way to add character, style and punch. From rooms to furniture, these 6 colors will make the biggest impact on your space this year

The Top 6 colors for 2023:

1- Brown

If you're looking for something to anchor your living room, paint is a great option. Warm couches and cozy chairs add interest to a room of neutral tones, while pops of color can make even a monochromatic space look bright and modern. A warm shade of brown is the perfect pick to complement your existing furniture or create a cohesive look that's easy on the eyes. 

Brown is one of our favorite colors to paint the walls in (it's so cozy!), and it embodies any space that wants to express a sense of comfort, history and nostalgia.Brown is where it's at. According to Sue Kim, director of color marketing for Valspar, comfort will be the defining theme for 2023's paint colors. You know what that means? It's time to paint your home in warm shades of brown and bring back some vintage touches.

2- Dark neutrals

dark neutral wall painting: dark blue

The dark side of neutrals is looking good this season. Deep and dusky hues, like navy and black, are making a comeback in home decor. Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare Paint, said that people will likely always have a tendency to play it safe when it comes to color, but when stepping outside that box, the moodier hues are the unexpected surprises.

If you're feeling adventurous, try house painting your walls in deep hues like navy and black. Think of it as a new take on neutrals, best reserved for moody spaces where traditional whites and grays just won't do.

3- Deep red & Blush

bkushed theme room

If you're feeling bold and ready to embrace this season's trend, we have some stunning rich hues to choose from. These earthy colors are perfect for adding color without overwhelming your space, so make sure to use them sparingly in smaller areas like window sills or above mantles. For a moodier take on the trend, try deep shades like burgundy or maroon for an elegant look."

If you're looking to revamp your living space, try out these bold hues that are perfect for a dramatic change. From deep magenta and crimson to bright pops of red, these shades pack a punch without being over the top. For example, we love using magenta on pillows or trims to add drama without compromising your neutral palette.

Another red shade that’s trending is rust. Rust has taken over the beauty world. It's not too feminine-feeling but plays into an earthy modern color palette, making for a beautiful companion to Dijon yellows, teals and greens. Rust is a strong color and plays into an earthy modern color palette. It's a less feminine feeling. 

4- Citrus

It's time for a little bit of color. This cool, citrus-y wall treatment will brighten up your room, and add a pop of color that makes everything else stand out. It's like a punchy-colored throw pillow for the wall!

This painting is all about color, movement and composition. It's a playful piece that you'll love adding a touch of personality to your house with or even framing as art!

5- Monochrom

Adding the exact same color in your walls and trim to ceiling can give you an instant update to make rooms feel dramatic, warm and inviting all at once. Satin is our favorite option for this look!. 

The wildest and most dramatic way to update your kitchen is with a bold, bright color–and this technique can make any room feel instantly modern. Instead of painting walls and trim in one solid color, use the exact same color in two different finishes (satin vs. semi-gloss) to create the illusion of depth and texture.Use the same color in the same finish in all of your traditional details to give a modern twist to your home. This approach makes rooms feel dramatic and welcoming, all at once.

Hanging traditional bathroom accessories over modern art prints and light fixtures can add a punch of color to your space. It's a great way to update your existing bathroom without breaking the bank.

6- Greys

gray theme interior design

Grey or gray is an intermediate color between black and white. It was trending last year and it is still going strong this year.

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