What is preventative maintenance -PPM?

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What is preventative maintenance -PPM? 

Planned preventative maintenance is a cost-effective way to keep your buildings, facilities and assets in good working order. Planned preventative maintenance is conducted on a regular schedule, while reactive maintenance is performed only after a failure has occurred. The benefits of planned preventative maintenance include less downtime and increased safety and productivity across all parts of your operation.

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The meaning of PPM

Time-based preventive maintenance, is a type of maintenance that schedules routine inspection and repair of assets, to prevent unexpected costs and disruptions. Unlike condition-based preventive maintenance, which monitors an asset for problems before they happen, time-based maintenance is based on pre-established intervals for checking and repairing items. You can find PPM services at any reputable maintenance company in dubai offering an annual maintenance contract in dubai.

The maintenance services are time-based, preventive or reactive. We suggest the preventive strategy as it gives you full control over the condition of your assets or buildings. You can decide on the frequency of inspections, replacement and when to include any future investments in your budget. Assets’ condition might be monitored by using Smart Asset Monitoring tools which provide real-time data regarding the real condition of assets and buildings. These tools are often connected with predictive analytics, to determine when repairs are necessary and at what cost.

Monitoring the status of assets like HVAC installations can help prevent unexpected breakdowns. Let maintenance take place in a reactive way by using condition-monitored preventative maintenance.

Property management is a complex and critical aspect of commercial property. To ensure the systems in place are working correctly, regular inspection and maintenance checks should be done to prevent breakdowns, which can lead to hefty repair bills. Electrical PPM covers all standard electrical equipment in your property (including lighting, sockets, switches and plugs) as well as the infrastructure that supports it such as electric sockets and wiring. This includes everything from alarms and fire extinguishers to gas safety certificates

Let's say you have a 12-month period where you forget to check your electrical work, and someone trips over a 13 Amp live extension lead, causing a building evacuation.  The financial cost of this failure could be many thousands of dirhams, not including the opportunity loss. While the cost might be high, regular PPM checks can eliminate these types of problems from ever happening.


PPM services include:

-Roof Inspection

-Fire risk assessment

coil cleaning

ac duct cleaning in dubai

electrical maintenance

plumbing repair services in dubai

water tank cleaning

When you choose to implement a PPM plan, your business or house will be safer and more reliable. This is because regular inspections of your electrical systems mean you can spot problems before they become a major issue and cause fires or damage to your property.


Benefit of PPM

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Maintaining your PPM system on a regular basis is the best way to eliminate unexpected downtime, damage and costs. Here are the many benefits of PPM:

✔️ Saves money            ✔️Meets warranty requirements        ✔️Enhances property value  ✔️Convenient  



PPM saves you money by ensuring comprehensive health and safety compliance in your workplace, as well as saving you from fines that may result from failing to comply.

Repairs and upgrades are easier to budget for when they are part of a regular maintenance schedule. By keeping your maintenance costs consistent over the course of the year, you can make more efficient use of your budgets.

2-Meets warranty requirements

If you want to ensure that your warranty is not voided for lack of proper maintenance, then you'll need to invest in PPM. It will help prevent system failure, and ensure that your equipment runs at peak efficiency.

3-Adds value

PPM maintenance will help add value to it. Whether you’re selling or renting, a well-maintained property is valued and desirable by potential buyers and renters.


It’s always frustrating when things break, and even more so when you don’t know what’s causing them to break or how best to fix it. You may not be able to avoid unexpected problems completely, but at least being prepared means that they won’t get out of hand as fast.


Who should consider a PPM?

Preventative maintenance (PPM) covers the regular checks that are vital to keeping your school running at optimum levels. From electrical and data cabling, to water and fire risk, these services ensure you’re always safe in your classrooms. PPM is a simple way to ensure that your IT systems are running smoothly and that everything is safe for students and staff – it really is the best way to protect what matters most. Businesses and homeowners would also benefit from all the advantages that are provided from these services. It will help them so much with reducing future unnecessary workload and stress. 


Where to find A company that offers PPM?

Looking for a ppm company in Dubai? Infiway is A reliable and professional company that provides high-quality services at affordable prices. If so, you are in the right place. You can e-mail us on or call us directly at 8004929 for more details.


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