Your guide to hiring refurbishment services in dubai

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Tips to Renovate your Home in Dubai

Is renovating your home constantly on your mind lately? Every home renovation plan involves furniture, tiles, bricks, ceramics, and electrical wires, etc. So this is why it’s important to  hire the best home renovation services Dubai based to ensure that the outcome is flawless. Hiring a professional renovation company guarantees procurement of the best quality raw materials. Moreover, specialized fit-out work is taken care of by professionals with utmost care. When professionals are involved in the job, you can relax as the experts have the skills to do up the home so that the results come out better than imagined. In the long run, you save time and money. 

Crafting a refined and inviting home in Dubai isn't just about renovating—it's about redefining spaces, infusing elegance, and capturing the city's essence within your abode. Embracing the city's cultural blend, refurbishment services in Dubai offer a gateway to reimagine your dwelling into a masterpiece. From the historic charm of Old Dubai to the contemporary allure of the Marina, each corner of this city carries a unique tale, waiting to be woven into your home's narrative.

Discovering the artistry of refurbishment services in Dubai unveils a palette of possibilities. It's about blending opulence with functionality, harmonizing tradition with modernity, and embracing the city's vibrant spirit through design. Let your home renovation journey become an ode to Dubai's diverse landscapes, infusing every corner with the city's unique vibrancy and your personal flair.


Professional in overalls with tools on the background of the repair site. home renovation concept.

 Refurbishment services Dubai:  So how does one pick the right company to do the job? 

Here is a checklist for reference when choosing a home renovation company. 


Handyman with tools, working on a construction site. repair and handyman concept.

For exceptional renovation work, the experience of a refurbishment company matters significantly. Assess their credentials and completed projects showcased on their website to gauge their expertise. The review section provides valuable insights into their reputation among clients. If feasible, visit one of their ongoing worksites to witness their project execution firsthand.

Professional companies like INFIWAY prioritize client needs, offering tailored solutions based on successful past projects. This approach ensures precision and reliability when tackling new assignments. For superior refurbishment services in Dubai, trust the expertise and experience of companies like INFIWAY.


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It is crucial to have a project in mind. Hence, you need to finalize your budget first. The budget will be a good starting point for discussing with the Fit-out service in Dubai.  Fit-out includes civil, electrical, decorating, and interior furnishing needs. You can ask for a detailed quotation from the contractor. It should consist of the scope of work and the quality of materials and fittings used. It is preferable to take quotes from at least three Renovation companies. Hence, it will help to compare the costs and services and opt for the best one. You should also look at the fine prints of the job work agreement and ensure that there is a guarantee for replacements and repairs for any defects that may arise in six months to one year from the completion date.

✔️Time frame 

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Reputable Renovation companies usually stick to deadlines unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Still, it would be better to get the time specified for completing the job in the contract agreement. One should have a penalty clause for delay in completing the project or if the quality of finished work is not up to the mark.

✔️Terms of payment 

woman calculating payment

Typically, you can pay 40% on signing the contract, 50 % payment during the work in progress, and the final 10 % after completion subject to a satisfactory result. If specific materials are needed during the project, you may have to pay more, but it is advisable to check the bills even when the work is in progress. There may be variations in orders, so one must be clear upfront when signing the contract. 


Working in the Dubai Free Zone requires a contractor to have a DED license that ensures they are accountable for the services rendered. In addition to the license, a business or trade license for the nature of work carried out by contractors is a must. For example, an internal home modification work that requires a general fit-out needs a trade license only. But still, if there are electrical works that need altering, they must be registered with Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA).

✔️Insurance coverage 

A professional renovation company has its workers covered under personal accidents, public liability policy, workman compensation policy, etc. It is required to protect the workers if any on-site injury occurs, or any damage results to the client’s property during the renovation work. 

Set clear goals in mind when going for fit out service in dubai. Such planning helps in getting the best out of renovation companies. The renovation service provider will also understand the requirements clearly. Hence, there will be no disputes later, and you can satisfactorily finish the work. 

As you embark on your home renovation journey in Dubai, Infiway stands as your trusted ally, dedicated to transforming visions into splendid realities. Let our expertise in refurbishment services in Dubai bring your dream home to life, mirroring the city's elegance and your distinct style. Take a step toward redefining your space, and let Infiway be your partner in crafting a home that reflects the essence of this dynamic city.

Ready to reimagine your home? Contact or book online Infiway today and embark on a transformative journey toward your dream abode in Dubai!

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