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Carpentry services are one of the most asked-for maintenance services in the world. In Dubai, it is no different. It constitutes an important task to upgrade our houses, apartments, and even businesses. Carpentry is the art of turning wood into beautiful and practical furniture for our homes. It is one of the oldest known professions in the world, which is still highly important in today’s time.

At Infiway, we produce beautiful and custom-made kitchen and bedroom furniture all according to your tastes. We can make your ideas come to life thanks to our professional and skilled carpenters. We have been in business for more than ten years and we have created many projects that gained us the trust in our name in the industry. Our expertise extends beyond carpentry; we also excel in carpentry handyman services in Dubai, offering reliable handyman services in Dubai with a team of dedicated professionals skilled in diverse tasks. Whether it’s intricate woodwork or general repairs, our handyman in Dubai is equipped to handle various tasks efficiently.

Best Maintenance Company in Dubai


We provide astonishing carpenter and woodwork services in Dubai. We also do repairs or tables, chairs, doors, and drawers. We are also able to create beautiful outdoor furniture for your balcony or terrace.

Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can best assist you. We are looking forward to bringing your creative idea to life!

Our workers are the best trained in the field and they offer distinct projects. Our experts in Handyman Fixtures in Dubai are here to help you, providing excellent handyman services in Dubai, including carpentry handyman services in Dubai. We are here to give you a great looking final product and a happy experience working with us.

1- Refurbishment services dubai: Our refurbishment services in Dubai encompass comprehensive solutions for both kitchens and bathrooms. From revamping your kitchen space to creating a rejuvenated bathroom environment, our experts handle it all with precision and expertise.

  • Kitchen Refurbishment.
  • Bathroom Refurbishment.


2- Carpentry services: Best carpentry services cater to a diverse range of needs, including furniture assembly, hanging and odd jobs, door repairs, partition making, and more. With a keen eye for detail and craftsmanship, we ensure top-notch results in every project.

  • Furniture Assembly
  • Hanging & Odd Jobs
  • Glass Wooden Partition
  • Door Locks Repairing
  • Wardrobe Repairing
  • Resizing Doors
  • Hinges Fixing
  • Partition Making
  • Handles Installation
  • Installing new Locks


3-Painting Services: We are also one of the best house painting services in dubai as we offer house painting jobs for all types of housing. We also help you stay on trend with the latest painting trends (colors, finishing, etc..) 

🖌️Explore our painter’s guide in Dubai for more insights on painting trends and techniques. 🖌

Carpentry services


Welcome to our Carpentry Repair Service, dedicated to enhancing your wooden fixtures, walls, and doors. Our team of skilled carpenters specializes in comprehensive repairs, meticulously restoring your furniture, doors, and various wooden installations. With years of expertise, we provide meticulous solutions to maintain the charm and integrity of your woodwork, ensuring lasting durability and aesthetic appeal. Count on our Carpentry Handyman Services for dedicated craftsmanship and meticulous care for your wooden structures.

Carpentry Services For Doors:

If you are in need of specific carpentry services that handle door repairs, then our company is the one you need to contact. We offer a big range of services and we are located in Dubai.find out if your house door has a loose door handle or it suddenly broke, do not worry as we also offer emergency services. These carpentry services near you are the best option  in case a problem arises that needs immediate attention. 

Another problem you might face with doors is the hinge. If you notice that it’s at risk of breaking or ruining, call us immediately. A door hinge is for the most important parts and components of a door as this is what allows the door to open or close. On other hands it’s what keeps the door working. So, if you come across a problem with a door hinge, keep in mind Infiway as we are good at fixing these.

Carpentry Services For Walls:

We have been helping Dubai’s locals and residents with their carpentry needs for years now. One of the essential things they requested were wall services. This includes wall partitioning, painting or something else.

Wall carpentry services are diverse. The type of project is different from one customer to another. This is the solution and work needs to be tailored and specific for each client. Whether the job is big or small or if you’re indecisive about the sort of work you actually need, do not hesitate to contact us as we can help you understand your needs better.

We make sure to ask all the questions and explain everything that we will do/ going to do. Also, we give you alternatives in case the solution you had in mind does not go with the actual problem faced. 

We also work with gypsum boards and walls. So if you need gypsum partitions to separate a room in your apartment or house, we can do that easily. For us this type of work is easy to install, so do not worry about wanting to update your living space.

In your quest for the finest Carpentry Handyman Services in Dubai, trust our team to deliver expert solutions for your wooden fixtures and repairs. With our dedicated craftsmanship and attention to detail, we aim to exceed your expectations, ensuring lasting quality and satisfaction in every project. Discover the excellence of our Carpentry Repair Service, where precision meets reliability, to elevate the beauty and functionality of your wooden installations.

Ready to elevate your wooden fixtures with precision repairs? Contact Infiway today for expert Carpentry Handyman Services in Dubai. Experience excellence in craftsmanship and reliability for all your woodwork needs. You can contact us today to explore how our maintenance services can enhance your property’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Ali BatainehAli Bataineh
04:21 31 May 24
Great job thanks guys
Amr KhedrAmr Khedr
04:12 31 May 24
Rakesh did a great job on my carpentry project. The quality of his work was excellent, and he finished everything on time. He was professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.
preethi shettypreethi shetty
14:09 30 May 24
Thank you so much Infiway. Literally the quickest and the best service everytime.Not just doing their job but thank you for going out of the way to make sure the issue is fully resolved even if it not concerned to you.Mr. Rakesh firstly, thank you for your swift response and assurance.Juned,Shibji and Ansar, thank you guys for being so patient and making sure to go out of the way to help us resolve the issue.Really, the best customer service experience. 👏👏👏👏
kosai Syriakosai Syria
15:02 28 May 24
S AhamdS Ahamd
14:00 28 May 24
Muhammad ijaz and javeed,Thank you very much for works! I signed contract with Infiway and really happy with there services!Highly recommend!
Midia SmayelMidia Smayel
13:36 24 May 24
Infoway, one of the best contracting companies we worked with. They’re agile, fast, going above and beyond the required service to solve all issues with regards to the house. The team members are friendly, customer oriented, and professional. Definitely recommended.
Shiraaz SackoorShiraaz Sackoor
16:33 21 May 24
Infiway is an amazing company to deal with, very professional and super helpful and came at very short notice to help with a water tank cleaning. Khaled and Rakesh have super supportive, polite and professional in their engagement and support. The team is very knowledgeable and did an amazing job on the cleaning with a big shout out to Mohamed waqas, Mohamed Waqar and Chandra for the amazing on ground support
nabil al rustamaninabil al rustamani
16:34 27 Apr 24
I was fortunate to have an exceptional team respond swiftly when my water tank became contaminated. Mohd Wakas, Chandra, and Omparaksh delivered outstanding work, providing thorough briefings before and after completing the task. I appreciate their hard work and professionalism. Thank you for the excellent service!
Damiano FieramoscaDamiano Fieramosca
06:55 12 Mar 24
The service is very fast and professional! Muhammad Waqas, Ijaz and Chandra were very good, polite and able to accommodate all our small on-the-go requests! The biggest job was disassembling our ‘catio’ and rebuilding it on the new villa making all the necessary adjustments. Our cats were very satisfied and highly recommend these guys!
Laila MasriLaila Masri
16:28 03 Aug 23
The coordinator of the team - Rakesh is highly professional and very punctual. He treats clients with utmost respect and makes sure to deliver best prices and value for money.The Technicians - Jeelan, Ijaz and Omprakash were super hygienic, efficient, and gentle in their treatment of the material - they made sure to repaint the entire area they worked on my ceiling is shiny with new paint and the work was done with excellence! They even cleaned up the whole area after and moved their tools out of the way for easy mobility of the house space!Couldn’t recommend INFIWAY more!