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Painting Services in Dubai :What should I do before hiring any company?

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Everyone wants a beautiful home where they can feel relaxed and happy when they come back from a long day at work. The color palette of the house is a representation of the owner’s personality and likings. With years,people change their preferences and style and start looking to renovate their homes to match with their new likings and interests. Wall painting is usually one of the first steps in house renovating.

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks”
House painting is not just a simple to-do on the checklist in any house renovation project. It’s a choice that gives your house its identity and pride.

Fresh looking paint and clean walls are usually the first few things a  visitor notices when they first enter your house. If the walls were well painted, the first house impressions would usually be in your favor.

Most people don’t like to do House Painting on their own. They know it’s a messy task that requires a specialist with the correct tools to give you that distinctive clean wall look. With that being said, with many people in Dubai claiming to be one for this job, how can I evaluate them before hiring them? How can I actually find the Best House Painting Services in Dubai?



As long as you don’t know what is the style you are aiming for at the end to match your expectations you won’t be happy by anyone. If you’re not sure and confused on the final look then satisfaction is not guaranteed. Therefore you need to do two lists:
1-  List A where you create a Color Scheme That Matches Your Home’s Furniture
2-  List B where you list a color palette that matches your style: Are you looking for a modern finish? A rustic one?

See what colors are on both lists. Narrow down the options to 3-4 ideas.

Before you start your investigation on home maintenance services in dubai check the budget you are willing to set. Once you have your budget be ready to set a flexibility margin. We all know that we don’t always find what we want at our exact set budget. So be aware that you may need to exceed the budget you set by a percentage you feel comfortable paying.
And whether you have or don’t have a budget set be ready to add this on the list of questions you need to ask your maintenance company in dubai  

The first thing you should do is ask your friends/family: Ask the people you trust to recommend the best handyman in dubai or Painting Services in Dubai they have dealt with. Ask them about their whole experience: Where they satisfied with the final results, quality and deadline respect
Then do more research on your own: Check social media platforms,  check on google. Browse their website and list some of the companies you liked

Now, Go ahead and put all the companies you liked/were recommended to a list alongside their contact details (number or email)

Now, you have a list of the companies you may want to contact but the list is probably huge and you need to start eliminating some options. So ask more people you know if they heard about these companies and what they think. Check the feedback and client review section. Here one can find the customer’s comments which will give an idea about the quality of service provided. One can get the hint if the negative reviews are more than positive ones.


One should not give a major home painting project to a novice. Hire only experienced painters who have done similar projects before. This is important as the cost of a painting is high, and one should not take chances. For minor touch-ups, it is ok to hire less experienced contractors.

The reason why one must hire a professional painting service is that they will give all the details of the painting process. They will have the latest information on the wall painting color trends and which paint brands are the best. As experts, based on the layout of the customer’s home, they will suggest the right color combinations and shades. They also have excellent product knowledge and know what type of paints will be required for areas like bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and house exteriors. If there are any problems with the wall surface, they will recommend necessary renovations for the best painting results.


Now that you have the final list it’s time to make the call.
A leading painting service in Dubai will quote the project work aligned to market rates. They usually have fixed rates for each kind of job. Still, it is standard to take a minimum of three quotes and compare the estimate. Ensure that the project work is identical in terms of specifications, materials offered and time taken to complete the job. This will help one to decide on the best offer.


Professional painters use the right painting tools to get the best results. A painting service will have all the tools and equipment with them, and as clients, one should not be bothered about arranging them. The best painters have the right paint brush, rollers, vacuum cleaners, and scaffoldings to carry out the work smoothly. They also cover the painting area adequately and ensure no damage to household stuff. As painting work takes several days, they are also responsible for cleaning the mess after the painting is completed.
Also, this is a great idea if your house or apartment are in need of further maintenance and repair services dubai based.

Following the above steps will help one to quickly zero in on the best and most reliable home painting companies.  But if you’re not still not sure you can:
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Check out the house painting services options we provide at Infiway, a leading company for home renovation and painting services in Dubai with years of experience. The reviews on their website bear testimony to their quality work.


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