What is contemporary design?

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What is contemporary design?

Green sofa with table on green wall and wooden flooring

Contemporary home designs and interiors are gaining popularity due to their simplistic features. This style thrives on subtle sophistication, clean lines, and deliberate use of texture. The foundation pieces of the design are neutral and the silhouettes are streamlined.

Contemporary designs ease the incorporation of emerging design trends through accessories. The main elements constituting contemporary design are the color palette, furniture, and painting. 

Contemporary design has been evolving since the 1970s. It inducts inspiration from other styles such as minimalist, modern, rustic, and bohemian.

 The types of colors that define contemporary design

The color palette or the dominant colors of contemporary design are highly distinguishable. This is mostly due to the the prevalence of black, white, and neutral color shades for the interiors. 

Companies that provide painting services in Dubai are familiar with the color palette. So in case you hired a painting company in dubai don’t be afraid to ask for this style as it is not hard to do.

This style is primaerly focused on neutral colors. Therefore, to add punch to the design, you can add a dose of bright color shades. This helps to accentuate the color scheme.

For defining and grounding a contemporary style room, black is the color of choice. Painting the walls with neutral shades allows adding colorful furniture in the rooms. 

On the other hand, using bold colors on the walls would requires the use of neutral shades for the fixture. 

 The furniture

This genre is applicable in various areas of home architecture including house interior. Furniture is one of the essential elements you can portray this style. The couches and other furniture focus more on he functionality.

The furniture designs are easy to clean and without any decorative elements.  Unadorned furniture is the hallmark of furniture that embraces contemporary design.

The furniture design follows the basic tenets of contemporary design. It has straight clean lines with a sensuous curve that creates an uncluttered look. 

  The Lightning

Staying true to the philosophy of contemporary design that emphasizes functionality over aesthetics. the contemporary style of indoor lighting is quite distinguishable. The lighting scheme emphasizes focused illumination instead of using flat lighting.  To maintain the sleekness in design, the use of track lighting is what’s used. Track lighting goes hand-in-hand with contemporary spaces. This is to highlight specific statement pieces like a sculpture or a painting in the room.

Moreover, the lighting scheme of a contemporary design enhances illumination. This is by taking advantage of the vertical space.

You can also refurbish the lighting scheme at your home to make it contemporary . But to do that you are in need to hire handyman services in Dubai or any home painting services in dubai.

 How contemporary design differs from modern design? 

Often we mix contemporary and modern in the same breath but these are different concepts. that have some relationship. Yes, they have many similarities but they remain different styles.

Modern design has a time stamp affixed on it as it relates to some specific period that spans between the early twentieth century and the middle of that century. Modern design flourished during the peak of the modern art movement that focused on simple form and functionality that added value to the design.

On the other hand, contemporary design is not time specific. It is a timeless piece of art that srefers to the ongoing design trend that is continuously evolving. It’s all about now and what lies in the future. 

 Difference between contemporary design and minimalist design

A minimalist design seeks to reduce as many elements and objects as possible. Wall painting options is reduced, white is the most common option. Furniture designs and are simple and don’t use any pattern whatsoever. The mantra for minimalist dsign is “less is better”.

However,In the case of contemporary, you have more liberty in adding elements and decor items. The atmosphere is generally cozier.

How to know if this style is for you?

-You like simple aesthetics: It includes minimalist features.

-If you want funcionality: The furniture for this style are created for the best comfort.

-Revolutionary and flexible: You can add pieces or accessories from other aesthetics . This includes minimalism, modern and bohemian. Obviously, other designs can be added aswell.

-Timeless: The color palettes allow the layout to sync with the current trends

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