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11 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Home Maintenance Services

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What do i need to know before hirinf a home maintenance service?

Owning a house or an appartment requires constant home maintenance and repair services. 

Each home in Dubai has an average of nine repairs that need to be completed. It is now high time that people get their houses in order with the best maintenance services. So, look at these 11 questions to ask a home repair company before hiring them.

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Things one should ask the Maintenance and Repair Services Dubai before hiring them

1. Experience-level 

When looking for home repair services, the first question that people should ask is how long the home maintenance services in dubai has been in business. Companies with years of expertise will have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that work is of good quality and delivered on time.

2. Licensing

The client needs to be sure that any contractor they hire for a project for their property has the relevant credentials in their field of work. Although, it needs to be understood that having a licensed contractor is not the same as having a business license. A business license allows them to operate a business, but it does not allow them to work as a contractor.

3. Insurance 

An insurance certificate will help the client to understand if the handyman is protected or not. If people ask whether the company is covered or not without investigating how they are insured, they may choose someone who is not fit for the job.

4. Possibilities of a sub-contractor

If people don't inquire, persons other than those they have hired will likely be working on their house. So, it is a good idea to know who will be conducting the work ahead of time. 

5. Ways to contact them

Having a dedicated point of contact is best when letting a Maintenance Company in Dubai work in someone's home. Moreover, inquire about the best days and times to contact them and how long the client should wait to hear back from them.

6. Additional charges

Unpredictable events can occur, and unexpected expenditures can arise. So, people should make sure that this is stated explicitly in the contract to avoid any misunderstandings later with Maintenance and Repair Services Dubai.

7. Previous clients’ references

If a company refuses to provide past references or contact information for previous clients, that is a significant red flag. Because the clients are prepared to praise any firm that has been in business for a long time and has provided reliable services.

8. Timetable of the project

Skilled contractors can provide an estimated completion date for a home repair project. Still, it is a good idea to ask for a timetable. It includes an estimated finished date ahead of time.

9. Extra project they may be working on

It is not a good idea to want a project to be the only one they are currently working on because there may be reasons the company does not have much work. Similarly, wanting a home repair company to be busy with their work is not a good idea.

10. Building permits

An experienced home repair business will get accustomed to the permit acquisition process. Ask them all the essential questions about getting the permit to ensure that things move along quickly. 

11. Schedule of payment

Before beginning the project, determine how much is the cost estimate and payment schedule. Never be afraid to talk about payment arrangements ahead of time. Skipping these discussions could leave the client startled when the final invoice comes.


Investing the time to locate the best Home Maintenance Services in Dubai can be time-saving in the long run. The clients might find the handyman business they will utilize for years if they do their research now and ask questions. It is not feasible or practical enough to opt for individual services from different places. 


Professional maintenance companies like Infiway have their in-house team of specialists, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in all types of maintenance services and renovation jobs. It gives them the edge over the competition in delivering the highest level of service at short notice. 
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