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AC Coil Cleaning in Dubai: Cheap Cleaning services

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Updated on 2023-03-17

AC coil cleaning in Dubai

Hey there, weary bill-payers and overheated souls! Let’s dive into a story of savings and chill vibes—yes, we’re talking about AC coil cleaning in Dubai. If your energy bills are causing more eye-pops than usual and your AC’s coolness feels lukewarm, those coils might just need a spa day. Join us on this thrilling adventure into the world of AC coil cleaning, where comfort and cost-efficiency unite under the blazing Dubai sun.

Picture this: your AC coils are unsung heroes, taking the heat so you can chill. But alas, they often find themselves buried under a heap of dust and gunk, silently sabotaging your comfort and budget. Think of clean coils as the VIP pass to a breezier life—the cleaner they are, the better they work at cooling your place, which means more savings and comfort for you.

Dubai’s scorching weather demands ACs that perform at their peak. That’s where regular AC coil cleaning swoops in like a caped superhero, not just keeping your system in shape but slashing those energy bills too! Studies suggest that clean coils can cut your energy costs by up to 60%, making sure your AC is efficient without burning a hole in your pocket.

But wait, there’s more! Cleaner coils mean fresher air. When coils are loaded with allergens and grime, your indoor air quality takes a nosedive. AC coil cleaning flips the script, giving you not just cool air but a healthier environment to breathe in.

In the bustling hubbub of Dubai, pro AC coil cleaners take the spotlight. Armed with super-special tools and tricks, these experts turn coil cleaning into an art form. It’s a cleansing spectacle that leaves no dirt particle unturned, promising you a cooler space and cleaner air to boot.

So, why sweat over high bills and lukewarm AC breezes when you can have both savings and cool comfort? Let’s embark on this journey together—where clean coils pave the way to a pocket-friendly, refreshingly breezy home haven.


✔️ Weird cooling            ✔️Reduced/Low Airflow         ✔️Reduced performance         ✔️Water leaks              ✔️Frozen coils

What is an AC Coil Cleaning Service?

Within an AC system, several components play specific roles. One critical unit is responsible for absorbing heat from incoming air, converting it into cooler air. Regular AC coil cleaning in Dubai or coil cleaning is vital, especially in sandy and highly humid climates like the UAE. Dust and sand particles tend to accumulate on coils, potentially causing long-term damage. Ensuring periodic AC coil cleaning services can optimize your system’s efficiency and lifespan.

portrait of a coil clean expert

How much Does cleaning an AC coil cost?

Please note that this price is Infiway’s price list.

Number of AC Unit Price in AED
1 300
2 500
3 600
4 650
5 750
6 900
7 1050
8 1200
9 1350
10 1500


For the cleaning solutions, you can either buy some of the commercially available coil cleaning products that are available in the market or you can simply make your own detergent with basic ingredients that you will find in your household. This cleaning solution consists of mixing a light and gentle household detergent with water. Make sure you put this blend in a low-pressure sprayer.


The burning question on many minds: can you roll up your sleeves and tackle AC coil cleaning yourself? Well, the short answer is yes, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. While the DIY route might sound adventurous, handing this task to a professional could be the safer bet. Let’s break it down.

Sure, if you’re feeling particularly handy and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty (well, probably more than just a little), you can dive into cleaning your AC coils. However, a word of caution: AC systems are intricate beasts, and it might be a wise call to let the pros handle the job to ensure it’s done right without risking damage.

But hey, if you’re determined to DIY, consider gearing up like a pro. Safety first, they say! Put on your superhero gear—safety goggles, rubber gloves, a dust mask, and protective clothing should be your trusty companions. Remember, those coils might look innocent, but they can hold a whole lot of gunk that you’d rather not cozy up to.

Now, here’s the golden rule: the coils directing air through units are a no-touch zone for your hands. These coils are delicate beings, and any amateurish hands-on attempt might do more harm than good. Cleaning them requires a delicate touch and specialized tools, which is where the expertise of a professional truly shines.

So, while the adventurous spirit might nudge you to go the DIY route, the cautious side suggests that the safe play could be leaving AC coil cleaning in the hands of those who wield the right tools and know-how. Your AC system will thank you for it!


Opting for professional services like Infiway provides numerous advantages. Our trained technicians ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process, using specialized tools and techniques that guarantee optimal outcomes. It’s a delicate task that requires precision and expertise, making the reliability and expertise of professionals a preferred choice.

This kind of cleaning process is usually preferred to be done by professionals as they have the correct tools and equipment for this job. But if for any reason you are not able to bring or hire these home maintenance services in dubai



Cleaning Condenser Coils

  • Turn Off the Unit: Ensure the AC system is switched off to prevent any potential electrical hazards during the cleaning process.

  • Power and Water Access: Ensure access to power and a water supply for utilizing specialized coil cleaning systems effectively.

  • Application of Safe Solutions: Apply non-caustic, non-fuming coil-cleaning solutions to effectively break down accumulated dirt and debris without causing harm to the coils.

  • Avoid High-Pressure Cleaning: Steer clear of high-pressure cleaning methods that could damage the delicate fins of the coils. Gentle cleaning methods are preferred to maintain coil integrity.

  • Thorough Water Flush: After applying the cleaning solution, thoroughly flush the coils with water to remove residual cleaning agents and loosened debris, leaving the coils clean and debris-free.

At Infiway, our cleaning procedures prioritize the safety and efficiency of your AC system. Regular maintenance, including meticulous coil cleaning, is essential for optimal AC performance, especially in Dubai’s sandy and humid climate. Neglecting coil cleaning can lead to reduced cooling efficiency, increased energy consumption, and potential damage to your system.

Our expert technicians ensure the highest standard of care for your AC system, providing comprehensive cleaning services that extend the lifespan and efficiency of your cooling units. Trust Infiway for professional AC coil cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of your HVAC system.

Cleaning Air Handler Coils: Essential Steps for Maintenance

Ensuring Optimal Performance

Maintaining the air handler coils in your AC unit is pivotal for its overall efficiency and longevity. Here is a step-by-step guide on how Infiway meticulously cleans air handler coils:

  • Power Off the Unit: Begin by turning off the main power to the air handler unit to ensure safety during the cleaning process.

  • Thorough Examination: Conduct a detailed visual inspection of the coil’s external surfaces. Identify any accumulated dirt, dust, or potential mold growth on the coils. If mold is detected, using biocides approved for cooling systems is essential for safe and effective cleaning.

  • Application of Cleaning Solution: Apply a specialized cleaner to all exposed surfaces of the coil, ensuring comprehensive coverage to effectively break down and eliminate any stubborn dirt or grime.

  • Check Condensate Drain: Pour water down the condensate drain tube to validate its openness and proper drainage. It’s crucial to ensure that the drainage tubes are free from blockages or clogs during this process.

  • Secure the Coil Access Cover: Re-fix the coil access cover securely and tighten the screws. Seal the access cover using metal tape to prevent any potential leaks or debris entry.

  • Power Restoration and System Activation: After reassembly, restore power to the air handler unit and switch on the system. This generates condensation on the coils, aiding in additional rinsing and ensuring a thoroughly cleaned unit.

However, if you had cleaned it and the AC is still not working as it should this could be due to the methodology and tools used by you. A professional is usually better equipped and has better expertise. Keep in mind that other issues can be the cause of a faulty ac like electrical wiring damages so you will probably be needing to do electrical maintenance.


Yes, maintaining clean coils is crucial for your system’s performance. Dirty coils can lead to overheating and significant issues in your product’s functionality. Routine cleaning is essential to extend the lifespan of your equipment and prevent expensive repairs down the line.

When coils accumulate dirt and debris, they hinder the efficient transfer of heat, causing your system to work harder. This inefficiency not only impacts performance but also increases energy consumption. Just like clogged arteries affect blood flow, dirty coils restrict airflow, putting strain on your system and potentially leading to breakdowns. Regular cleaning ensures your equipment operates smoothly, improving efficiency and avoiding costly repairs.

Ignoring coil cleaning isn’t just neglecting maintenance; it risks compromising your system’s functionality and indoor air quality. The buildup of dirt, dust, and microbial growth can hamper air circulation, leading to potential respiratory issues. Therefore, professional coil cleaning is a vital part of your system’s maintenance. An annual AC coil cleaning service keeps your system running optimally, enhancing its efficiency, longevity, and maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

How often should You clean your coils?

The frequency of coil cleaning depends on various factors such as the household environment and dust accumulation. While some households can go longer without cleaning, others may require more frequent maintenance.

We strongly recommend scheduling an annual AC coil cleaning service to ensure optimal performance. Homes with pets or in areas with high pollen should consider cleaning coils every six months.

Our team of AC evaporator coil cleaning experts meticulously remove dust and debris, improving the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and reducing strain on the system.


Opting for professional services like Infiway provides numerous advantages. Our trained technicians ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process, using specialized tools and techniques that guarantee optimal outcomes. It’s a delicate task that requires precision and expertise, making the reliability and expertise of professionals a preferred choice.

air conditioner 1  Better Air quality

air conditioner 1 Reduces allergies

air conditioner 1 Improves airflow

air conditioner 1 Improves cooling

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