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In the vast landscape of AC repair and maintenance companies in Dubai, Infiway emerges as the top ac repair and maintenance company in Dubai, an ideal choice. Amidst numerous options, finding a reliable HVAC repair expert is crucial. Hiring poorly trained technicians can result in more harm than good. A recent 2023 survey revealed that 63% of homeowners paid double the price due to engaging subpar AC repairing technicians.

Discover Infiway’s exceptional AC maintenance services in Dubai. Our team of skilled professionals ensures efficient and cost-effective solutions for all your air conditioning needs. Choose Infiway for unparalleled AC repair and maintenance services – where your comfort is our priority! 

When it comes to avoiding continuous costly AC repairs in Dubai, selecting the right service provider becomes pivotal. Opting for inadequately trained technicians can escalate issues, leading to inflated expenses. A recent survey highlighted that 63% of homeowners faced double the expected costs due to subpar AC repair technicians in 2023. This emphasizes the critical need for Reliable AC Maintenance and Repair Services in Dubai that prioritize expertise and quality, ensuring the prevention of continuous costly AC repairs.

In the landscape of AC repair services in Dubai, locating where to get the best services for AC repair becomes crucial. A standout service provider ensures comprehensive expertise, accurate diagnosis, and tailored solutions, mitigating the risk of recurrent issues and the associated expenses. Companies like Infiway offer a holistic approach, focusing not just on repairs but on the meticulous care of your air conditioning systems.

Understanding the significance of proactive maintenance, an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) plays a pivotal role in preventing continuous costly AC repairs. In Dubai, these contracts offer scheduled check-ups, preemptive measures, and swift emergency responses, ensuring optimal performance of your AC system throughout the year.

An AMC’s significance lies in its coverage of regular check-ups and emergency services, providing immediate assistance during breakdowns, ultimately minimizing disruptions and mitigating the need for continuous costly AC repairs. By opting for ac maintenance packages in Dubai, you can ensure your system is always in top condition, offering both convenience and peace of mind.


Air conditioning (AC) systems are vital for maintaining comfortable indoor environments, especially in regions like Dubai with extreme temperatures. AC repairing and maintenance services encompass a range of specialized solutions aimed at ensuring the optimal functioning, efficiency, and longevity of these systems.

AC Repair Services:

  • Diagnosis and Troubleshooting: Expert technicians conduct thorough assessments to diagnose AC problems accurately. This involves examining the entire system to identify issues such as refrigerant leaks, compressor malfunctions, electrical faults, or mechanical failures.
  • Component Repair and Replacement: Once issues are identified, skilled professionals repair or replace faulty components. This could include fixing or replacing damaged wiring, repairing malfunctioning motors or fans, addressing refrigerant leaks, or rectifying issues with the compressor or condenser coils.
  • Electrical Repairs: Repair services also cover electrical components of the AC system, ensuring proper functioning and safety. Technicians troubleshoot electrical connections, circuit boards, and related components.
  • System Calibration and Testing: Post-repairs, technicians calibrate the system to ensure all components work harmoniously. They conduct tests to verify temperature control, assess airflow, and ensure the repaired unit operates efficiently and reliably.
  • Emergency Repair Services: AC repair services often provide emergency solutions for critical situations such as sudden breakdowns during extreme weather. These services offer immediate assistance to minimize disruptions and restore comfort promptly.

AC Maintenance Services:

  • Filter Cleaning/Replacement: Regular cleaning or replacement of filters is crucial for proper airflow, preventing dust and debris from accumulating, and improving indoor air quality.
  • Coil Cleaning: Technicians clean evaporator and condenser coils to prevent dirt buildup, ensuring optimal heat transfer and system efficiency.
  • Refrigerant Checks: Ensuring appropriate refrigerant levels is essential for efficient cooling. Maintenance involves checking and refilling refrigerants if needed.
  • Component Inspection: Professionals inspect motors, fans, electrical connections, and thermostats to detect any faults or wear and tear that might impact performance.
  • Ductwork Examination: Checking ducts for leaks or blockages ensures efficient airflow throughout the space, maximizing the cooling effect.

Benefits Of Professional Services:

  • Expertise: Skilled technicians possess the knowledge and tools to conduct comprehensive inspections and repairs, ensuring proper functioning of AC units.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular maintenance identifies potential issues early, preventing major breakdowns and reducing repair costs.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Professional services ensure safety compliance and enhance system efficiency, resulting in cost savings and improved performance.
Maintenance Tips for Dubai Residents

In summary, AC repairing and maintenance services are comprehensive solutions designed to diagnose, repair, and maintain air conditioning systems. These services are essential for optimal functionality, prolonged lifespan, and maintaining comfortable indoor environments in hot climates like Dubai.


The cost of the ac unit and its preventive maintenance is highly dependent on the model and age of your air conditioning system.

 The average cost of a central AC repair in Dubai, UAE ranges from AED 150 to AED 500 for basic services (cleaning air filters, checking coolant levels, basic maintenance, ac coil cleaning, and ac cleaning like ac duct cleaning in dubai)


AC repair can be expensive for a number of reasons. AC systems use a lot of parts and pieces, many of which are very specialized, so it can be hard to find parts if something goes wrong. Repairing an AC system also requires specialized tools and parts that are expensive to buy or difficult to find manufacturers who will make them.

The other reason AC repair is so expensive is the lack of annual maintenance and routine check-ups. A good service contract will not only save you money in unexpected repairs but it can catch problems before they start and save thousands of dollars down the road.

We have the best annual maintenance contract in Dubai: Every AC needs to be checked at least 3 to 4 times a year. For that, to make your life easier we also provide an annual maintenance contract. The packages are well thought of and match your needs. We have many options to choose from for all types of accommodations. This way your AC will be in top performance all year round. Our services cover faulty AC in Dubai, providing reliable AC repair services in Dubai to ensure optimal performance.


The answer to this question is not easy, since there are many brands and models of air conditioners available in the market. Well, you need to consider various factors before deciding which system suits your needs. Some examples of these factors are energy efficiency, price, noise level, and room size.

You don’t have to worry about having the best AC to survive Dubai’s humidity. All you need is to deal with the best AC maintenance services in Dubai and you’re good to go. Partnering with an exceptional AC maintenance company in Dubai ensures your system’s optimal performance with infiway AC servicing packages which is affordable and reliable ac repair and maintenance servicces in Dubai.


Yes, it is possible to repair an AC compressor. However, the extent of the repairs that can be done on an AC compressor will depend on the specific issue that the compressor is experiencing.

For example, if the compressor is simply low on refrigerant due to a leak, it may be possible to repair the leak and recharge the refrigerant without having to replace the entire compressor. However, if the compressor has seized or suffered a catastrophic failure, it may need to be replaced entirely.

It’s important to note that repairing an AC compressor can be complex and should only be done by a qualified technician with experience in AC compressor repairs. Attempting to repair the compressor yourself could result in further damage or injury.


Infiway is a professional ac maintenance company in dubai .We strive to give you the best experience ever. From booking to getting the repair work done.Our team has been an expert in the field for over 10 years. Their extensive expertise allows them to diagnose the problems accurately and fix any faulty ac


We are a serviced ac team of experienced technicians, with over 12 years of expert knowledge and in-depth training in all areas of painting. We ensure that each project is completed to the highest standards, whilst keeping our customers’ budgets and timelines in mind.

Our service includes:

  • Regular ac check-up and hvac service
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Air conditioning repair
  • Ac repair near me services (emergency repair in dubai)


1. Our quality of Service: We offer high-quality service and have experienced technicians who can accurately diagnose and fix the problem. This ensures that the repair is done correctly the first time, reducing the likelihood of future issues.

2. Our Reputation: Customers often choose Infiway as the go-to repair company based on our  reputation. We built our good reputation on a history of satisfied customers who have received timely and effective repairs. 

3. We are Cost-Effective: Customers want to see value for their money and we understand that.This is why we offer reasonable prices and transparent pricing. A customer should not have to worry about hidden costs or fees.

4. Convenience/ Easy Booking: We  offer flexible appointment times and are able to accommodate emergency repairs. Additionally, we have a variety of payment options. 

Our qualified booking team will also make the booking process fast and easy for you, all you need to do is call us and we will make sure to ask you the correct questions so you book the correct service. So, if you are not sure about which service is  best for your problem, worry not ! We make sure to understand what you need and what you are dealing with. 

5. Complete Assessment: Our work is of top quality. We do everything from A to Z with specific rules and steps. Our well structured work helps us provide you with high quality work. You don’t have to worry about the performance of your HVAC system if you are dealing with us. 

6.Emergency Repair Services: Infiway also offers you its emergency ac maintenance & repair services that brings you the fastest and easiest booking services ever. Our booking team will be so happy to assist you and give you the best hands on experience.

✔️ Improved cooling        ✔️Lower DEWA bills       ✔️Reliable


If you notice any of these signs inside your house or apartment, this means your ac needs repair. Contact us to inspect your unit and let your AC be efficient again.

✔️ Increase humidity        ✔️Low airflow        ✔️Uncomfortable sleep      ✔️Increased bills     ✔️Increase heat    ✔️Weird noises  ✔️Water leakage


The Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for AC repairs and maintenance serves as a crucial support system for ensuring the longevity, efficiency, and reliability of air conditioning systems. This contract offers a range of benefits that cater to both residential and commercial setups, especially in cities like Dubai, where extreme temperatures necessitate well-maintained AC units.

An AMC encompasses regular inspections, preventive measures, and swift emergency responses. It ensures scheduled visits to inspect and maintain your AC system, thereby preventing potential issues from escalating. In the event of a breakdown, the emergency services included in the AMC offer immediate assistance, minimizing disruptions and expenses associated with continuous costly AC repairs.

The key lies in choosing a maintenance company like Infiway that values reliability, transparency, and a customer-centric approach. With a commitment to utilizing genuine parts, industry-best practices, and tailored AC maintenance solutions, reliable companies ensure your comfort and peace of mind, ultimately preventing the hassle of recurrent expensive repairs.

  • Preventive Maintenance: An AMC includes scheduled check-ups and maintenance visits, allowing technicians to proactively identify and address potential issues before they escalate. This preventive approach minimizes the risk of sudden breakdowns and costly repairs.
  • Optimal Performance: Regular servicing under an AMC ensures that the AC system operates at peak efficiency. This translates to consistent cooling, lower energy consumption, and reduced utility bills.
  • Extended Lifespan: Timely inspections, cleaning, and component checks offered through an AMC contribute to prolonging the lifespan of AC units. It reduces wear and tear on components, minimizing the need for premature replacements.
  • Priority Service and Emergency Support: AMC customers often receive priority service and quicker response times during emergencies. This ensures minimal disruptions and immediate assistance in case of sudden breakdowns, particularly crucial in hot climates like Dubai.
  • Cost Savings: Becoming to an AMC offers cost-effective solutions as the regular maintenance checks prevent major issues that might lead to expensive repairs. Additionally, discounts on spare parts and repairs are often included in these contracts.
  • Compliance and Documentation: An AMC ensures compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing intervals, maintaining warranties, and documenting service history. This documentation is valuable for future references and potential insurance claims.

In cities like Dubai, where AC systems work extensively due to high temperatures, an Annual Maintenance Contract is more than just a service agreement; it’s a proactive strategy to ensure uninterrupted comfort and efficiency. By opting to an AMC, individuals and businesses can enjoy peace of mind, optimal performance, and substantial cost savings in the long run.

In summary, to prevent continuous costly AC repairs in Dubai, opt for reputable service providers offering comprehensive expertise, proactive maintenance plans, and emergency services through an Annual Maintenance Contract. Prioritize reliability and expertise, securing your comfort and saving on unnecessary expenses associated with recurrent AC issues.

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Infiway is a Top Rated Maintenance Provider that offers a wide range of Maintenance Services across Dubai and UAE including cleaning, home maintenance, renovation and house repair services. If you are Looking for Emergency AC Repair Dubai? Contact Infiway, Our professional team of technicians are ready to help you at any time by providing efficient service .
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INFIWAY CONTRACTING LLC is your All In One Maintenance Services Company in Dubai with a broad range of home maintenance and building maintenance services.


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Great job thanks guys
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Rakesh did a great job on my carpentry project. The quality of his work was excellent, and he finished everything on time. He was professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.
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Thank you so much Infiway. Literally the quickest and the best service everytime.Not just doing their job but thank you for going out of the way to make sure the issue is fully resolved even if it not concerned to you.Mr. Rakesh firstly, thank you for your swift response and assurance.Juned,Shibji and Ansar, thank you guys for being so patient and making sure to go out of the way to help us resolve the issue.Really, the best customer service experience. 👏👏👏👏
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Infiway is an amazing company to deal with, very professional and super helpful and came at very short notice to help with a water tank cleaning. Khaled and Rakesh have super supportive, polite and professional in their engagement and support. The team is very knowledgeable and did an amazing job on the cleaning with a big shout out to Mohamed waqas, Mohamed Waqar and Chandra for the amazing on ground support
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I was fortunate to have an exceptional team respond swiftly when my water tank became contaminated. Mohd Wakas, Chandra, and Omparaksh delivered outstanding work, providing thorough briefings before and after completing the task. I appreciate their hard work and professionalism. Thank you for the excellent service!
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The service is very fast and professional! Muhammad Waqas, Ijaz and Chandra were very good, polite and able to accommodate all our small on-the-go requests! The biggest job was disassembling our ‘catio’ and rebuilding it on the new villa making all the necessary adjustments. Our cats were very satisfied and highly recommend these guys!
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The coordinator of the team - Rakesh is highly professional and very punctual. He treats clients with utmost respect and makes sure to deliver best prices and value for money.The Technicians - Jeelan, Ijaz and Omprakash were super hygienic, efficient, and gentle in their treatment of the material - they made sure to repaint the entire area they worked on my ceiling is shiny with new paint and the work was done with excellence! They even cleaned up the whole area after and moved their tools out of the way for easy mobility of the house space!Couldn’t recommend INFIWAY more!