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Air condition maintenance Explained

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Air condition maintenance Explained:

Air condition maintenance is needed in any commercial residence or property that has an air conditioner in it. AC’s help regulate the room temperature depending on the selected temperature in the ac thermostat

If you are in Dubai, The heat is neverending. Most aircons are set to the lowest celsius degrees. A well cool fresh room will keep the comfort around. This is why maintaining a regular schedule to maintain your ac is a must. You do not want to be disappointed on a hot summer day in Dubai when you find out your AC has suddenly stopped working.

How do these air conditioners work?

air conditioner mounted on a white wall

The AC has many components, where each has a specific role in the cooling process. Some components are more important than others. So, in case they are malfunctioning, the repair costs could be expensive or almost impossible if regular ac maintenance was neglected.

First, The main thing to understand is the layout of the system. Each air conditioner has two built-in components. The first one is built on the inside which is the evaporator. The second one is built on the outside and that is the condenser. The condenser is usually built outside the concrete block of the room. Both these components allow the ac to receive air, adapt its temperature then release it.  

To facilitate the air distribution, the ac system has a strong air distribution system which consists of the ac coil, ac duct and the compressor.

Amongst these three, the ac compressor is probably the most important one. This average sized device allows the circulation of the air inside your AC unit. It is important because in case the damage or malfunction was coming from it, the chances to fix the ac will be reduced. 

Air conditioning maintenance services

What are the ac repair and maintenance services that are a must !

In order to avoid buying a new AC, check the following six areas. However, keep in mind that the following checkpoints must be done by a HVAC expert. For this you also need to look out for an ac service in dubai

1. Evaporator – Cleaning the evaporator is a necessity that needs to be done once a year. Note that it is only cleaned if you have foil wrapped plenum insulation and not a metal one. If you are not sure about it, call a reputable maintenance company in dubai to check your heating  and cooling systems. They will give you their remarks and if this should be cleaned or not. 

2.Clean the coils and the condenser – The fan inside the condenser catches air and dusts with time. This is why it is important to book an ac coil cleaning service every once in a while. 

3. Fans: Fans are the most sensitive part of the AC. Their blades are non-stop working and they are highly prone to defects.If you hear a buzzing sound or any weird noises coming from the fans, this means they need replacement or to be fixed. This service is also included by any ac repair company. So, Pick up the phone and call one. Never attempt to do this on your own.

4. Low cooling levels – If you notice that the Freon or the refrigerant coolant are always low in levels, this means that you have a faulty ac. 

5. Ducts are dirty -The biggest enemy for your air conditioner ducts is the accumulation of dirt and sand. This clogs the entire system with time. Since you are living in dubai, it is without any doubts that the ducts are facing an endless amount of sand particles. Hiring ac duct cleaning services in dubai is a must. 

6. Wiring and electrical problems – If your AC is constantly turning on and off but there’s no actual issues in the other components, then that’s an electrical issue. Any faulty wire connection or an electrical shock will cause this. Usually, for the most cases, the same air condition maintenance companies will offer electrical maintenance. But, as soon as you suspect it is an electrical problem, call an expert and don’t ignore it.

Annual Maintenance contract: 

Maintaining your ac units for a house or building  is complex, Your lifestyle also does not help with the management process. To help you reduce a big amount of stress, we recommend signing with companies that offer an annual maintenance contract. This contract will give you a yearly supply of regular and emergency maintenance services for your AC. 

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