Bathroom renovation ideas to make it look modern

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Bathroom renovation ideas to make it look more modern

Stylishly designed bathrooms have a natural way of attracting the attention of onlookers. When your bathroom is as ornate and beautiful as you want, it naturally attracts the attention of your guests who visit your home. Hence, it would be an ideal way for you to boost the beauty of your home by coming up with Bathroom renovation ideas to renovate it. A company in Dubai that offers carpentry services and home renovation services can help you renovate your bathroom so that it looks just the way you want it to be.

Bathtub with curtain, cupboard and shower

Here are some ideas that you can use when you want to renovate your bathroom effectively:

Choosing the perfect layout for your bathroom

To implement the best modern bathroom décor and renovation ideas, you need to choose a layout that can appropriately suit your needs. The correct layout will help ensure your bathroom will be functional and luxurious.

An effective way to create the layout for your bathroom is to segregate it into dry and wet zones. The wet zone is where you take your bath. Also, where the tub or shower is located. You can use a glass partition to separate this area from the dry area.

Proper segregation can help you to steer clear of possible accidents and also have effective control over humidity. You can also improve the design of the whole bathroom area in this way. You can also avoid the problem of dirty footprints inside the bathroom.

Decide on the spot where you want to install the shower

Firstly, consider the size of the bathroom area you have, and then make up your mind as to where you want to have your shower installed. You can go for a functional and discreet shower installation provided you have a smaller space to work with. On the other hand, if you have a larger working space, you can go for a segregated bathroom where you install the shower in a more dedicated space. Make sure you opt for a fit-out service when you have the shower installed.

Get the best quality tiles for your bathroom that aptly match your design preferences

One of the most significant things in any bathroom space is the choice of tiles you go for. The tiles play a vital role in creating the look and feel of your bathroom area. Hence, it is natural that you should have a discerning approach when shopping for tiles. The texture and look of the tiles you choose should complement the bathroom area on the whole. Take care to make sure that the tile design does not feel loud and overbearing. Your tiles should create a sense of relaxation in the whole working area so that it has a welcoming aura. You can also use the tiles to accentuate certain parts of your bathroom to differentiate it from the other parts.

Find the perfect paint products for the bathroom

When looking to buy paints for your bathroom, opt for colors with a more aquatic feel. For instance, shades of blue and other pastel colors can be a good choice. Consult with a house painting company in Dubai if you are looking for the best paint options for your bathroom.

Getting the best mirror design for your bathroom

The mirror in your bathroom allows you to focus on your beauty and physical appearance, and as a result, it is a significant part of the whole bathroom space. So when you are looking to buy a mirror, there is a lot of experimentation that you can do with it. You should choose a mirror design that is large and ornate. The mirror in the bathroom can also create an illusion of space in the whole area.

Bathtub with curtain and cupboard

Installing cabinets for adding storage space in your bathroom

The cabinets are crucial in your bathroom as they allow you to have the storage space you need. Apart from performing an important function, they also add to the beauty and value of your bathroom space. Make sure you get proper handyman services in Dubai when you want the cabinets installed.


There are many ways to enhance the looks of your bathroom. However, it is significant to maintain the practicality and functional aspects to achieve a functional and contemporary design. Renovating a bathroom is quite a task to do yourself. You would find it difficult to manage things on your own. If you wish to transform the look of your existing bathroom, it would be best to seek expert help. You can consider choosing a handyman service from Infiway, a company that specializes in home maintenance services that include painting, carpentry, fit-out, and other related services. Consider practicability so that you can avoid messing with the plumbing which can arise seepage and leakage issues.


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