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Carpentry Services

The word “carpenter” is the English rendering of the old French word that comes from the word Carpentier, which also was evolved from the Latin Carpentarius.

History of carpentry services

Wood is one of the oldest building materials. Being able to shape and cute has improved through time by technology development, from the stone ages to the bronze ages to the iron ages. Some of the archaeological evidence of carpentry are in Eastern Germany dating from about 7,000 years ago in the early Neolithic period. And the way to make the best carpentry services in Dubai all roots to that.

Rarely little information was found about carpentry from pre-history, or even previous centuries, because of the knowledge, skills, and guiding was passing from one person to another, very rarely in writing. Until the printing press was invented in the 15th century, and builders and carpenters began spreading their knowledge and information, whilst some people were publishing books and guides in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Carpentry is an art and like any kind of art, it is only fuelled by dedication, passion and skills gained throughout the years of practice. Knowledge and skills used to be passed on from one generation to another, but in this generation, everything can be trained and studied. Carpentry requires training which involves physical and knowledge practice.

The carpenter training is the following:

  • First an Apprenticeship.
  • Then becomes a Journeyman.
  •  Then with enough time spent in training, you will be able to attain the status of a Master Carpenter.   

If you are willing to learn carpentry and do some work at your home by yourself, you to watch the videos here.

Jobs & Duties:

A carpenter has more than one task. Being a carpenter isn’t just holding wood and tools, it needs full concentration, to make sure the measurements are correct, and everything is in the right place. A carpenter does the following:

  • Follow blueprints and build plans to meet the client’s needs and make sure is going according to plan.
  • Install structures and fixtures, such as moulding and windows.
  • Cut, measure or shape wood, plastic and different kind of materials. 
  • Construct the building frameworks from walls to floors to door frames.
  • Inspect and replace the damaged framework, structures, and fixtures.
  • Instruct and direct labourers and other helpers.

To be a carpenter, some tools will be in need to make sure that the job is done perfectly. Wood splitting, hewing or sawing with a pit saw or timber, spirit levels, tape measures, claw hammer, chisel, workbench, nail gun, and quick clamps.

Carpentry Handyman Services in Dubai 

If you are located in the United Arab Emirates, and you are in need of carpentry tools,  you can check out and order through fktools, and if you are not located in the United Arab Emirates then it’s always an option to order from Amazon.

If you are looking for carpentry work and want to make sure you are getting the best carpentry services in Dubai, please visit us on our website and book your service with just a click or a call, and we will be right at your doorstep.

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