How do I know if I chose a good ac cleaning company in dubai?

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Signs you chose a good ac cleaning company in dubai:

The Middle East has substantial socio-economic implications when it comes to climate change. And with the temperature records getting shattered in the Arab world during summers, access to cooling is seen more as an absolute necessity than a luxury issue. 

"Hot" now has a new meaning, especially when the temperature touches 120 degrees plus. During the summer months, the peak heat keeps the AC technicians on their toes as the sharp increases in AC breakdowns are reported in the UAE. 

Close up and selective focus hand of woman holding and use remote control to open aircondition in living room at home

ac repair in dubai sees a 100 percent jump as calls from customers see a sharp increase. An average AC maintenance company repairs 45-50 units per day compared to 20-25 units at other times. The problem gets aggravated during the daytime as temperatures become too high thanks to the extensive use of glass in homes and offices, which causes sunlight to seep in. 

The first thing you need to do before hiring experts for your ac maintenance, you need to follow the best practice rules. According to AC experts, people should run their AC’s at around 24-26 degrees and set them in auto mode to allow periodic rest and improve the AC unit performance.
During the peak summer month, ACs run at their maximum level irrespective of split or window type. This affects the cooling and is the leading cause of complaint. 

Following these rules does not assure that you will never face any problems anymore.You can still have water leaks, foul odor, and high energy bills. which means you might also need to consider electrical maintenance.

What are the best qualities in a maintenance company?

1- They offer Regular maintenance

While all types of AC can fail, their cause of failures is different. The first complaint is about cooling due to harsh weather conditions when the machine has to work harder. The second is due to negligence in cleaning coils and duct cleaning. Over time air ducts and coils get dirty due to dust particles from the air, and when combined with moisture, they clog the system and cause foul air. Block AC waste pipes or evaporator coils similarly cause water leaks. AC Service in Dubai services, apart from looking at cooling issues, also offer comprehensive air duct cleaning services.

2- The have dealt with issues caused by the weather and High Temperatures of Dubai

AC breakdown because of high temperature has its reasons. Due to high temperature, the refrigerant does not cool properly as it absorbs heat. Therefore, it does not get liquefied and expands to the cooling coils of the unit. This results in malfunctioning of valves which requires repair or replacement. 

3- They offer AC coil and duct cleaning 

Even if you don't find any problem with your air conditioner, it is a good practice to have the units inspected and serviced at least once a year. The air conditioner may not show any wrong symptoms outside. Still, it may be having some internal problems, which may even affect people's health if the ducts are not cleaned properly. The cost of service works out cheaper as compared to its replacement. So, getting the air conditioner serviced once a year is suitable both for health and saving money. Get your ac coil cleaning and  ac duct cleaning in dubai from experienced technicians.

4-  They have Professionals with expertise

AC maintenance is a specialist task, and it should be authorized to the professional hands. Critical maintenance tasks like filling gas for cooling efficiency, and replacing air filters are done well by expert professionals. 

A well-trained certified AC technician will find and fix faulty ac in Dubai. Infiway in UAE is an expert in providing AC installation, maintenance, repair, and servicing services. They have a team of certified AC professionals who can take care of the requirements with a focus on customer satisfaction. 

5 -They offer an AMC 

AMC refers to an annual maintenance contract which -depending on the package chosen- gives you regular check-ups.

Keeping your air conditioner repaired regularly will give you excellent cooling and keep you comfortable. The average lifespan nowadays of an AC unit is 5 to 10 years. The lifespan of an ac depends on how we care for it. The yearly maintenance of the air conditioner can extend its span to about 20 years. At the same time, air conditioners that get little or no care may not last even for 5 years. When the air conditioner is regularly maintained, it works efficiently. The more efficiently it works, the less will be the electricity bill to be paid. Also, with regular maintenance, you should know whether your cooling system is in good working condition. An expert can recommend when AC Parts need to be replaced before they totally wear out and damage the AC ultimately.

Old and poorly maintained air conditioners, in some cases, become the main reason for respiratory health issues. When air conditioning units are not cleaned properly, they will not dehumidify the air properly. This may cause high humidity in a room. High relative humidity in a closed room can cause serious health issues and can trigger asthma conditions and other allergic reactions. 

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