The disadvantages of a humid weather

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The disadvantages of a humid weather

Humid weather creates moisture in the air and can lead to the formation of dew, fog and mist. A humid environment makes it difficult for people to breathe properly.

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Humidity is not fun!

Humid weather is not known to be a pleasant experience. Although the feeling of heat and vitamin D on your skin and the smell that comes with humidity are welcomed, there are some disadvantages to humid weather which you should take into consideration before you pack your bags for vacation.

Humid weather can make you feel uncomfortable. It makes your skin feel sticky and sweaty, so you may be tempted to take off layers of clothing or wear fewer clothes than usual. The air is uncomfortable, and it can get harder to breathe.

When the weather is warm and humid, it may lead to discomfort and health problems. When the air is very moist, your nostrils will be filled with moisture, and you’ll feel more tired when doing physical activities in damp weather. In addition, a humid environment can cause pollen allergies and aggravate asthma symptoms.

Summer is synonymous with warm and sunny weather, but that’s not always true. People in the Midwest often experience humid days. This means that even though it’s sunny and warm, the air feels heavy and uncomfortable. This causes problems for people who have allergies or asthma; it can make those conditions worse or cause other health issues. People who suffer from dry skin or sinus problems may also be impacted by humid weather, as too much moisture can clog pores and make you more susceptible to irritation from allergies.

What about Dubai’s weather?

The weather in Dubai can be pleasant and sunny one minute, then extremely hot and humid the next. The temperature can change during the same day, or the same hour for that matter. This can make the humidity an uncomfortable experience at times. The weather can cause some health complications. You may be more prone to diseases like nasal congestion, dry skin and eczema, headaches, fever and even respiratory problems..

Humidity is quite common in Dubai, as the weather is generally warm and moist. In humid weather, electrical appliances may malfunction due to excess moisture. Electrical components are especially sensitive to humidity. This can lead to higher risk of short circuiting and even fire hazards when these devices are used during extreme weather conditions. An electrical maintenance company in dubai can help monitor that before it comes to an issue. It would be even better to have signed a home maintenance contract with them as they do the check-ups on a daily basis.

The most significant disadvantage of the UAE’s  humid climate is that it can lead to an increase in pollen, which may cause allergic reactions for people suffering from asthma or hay fever. Humidity is also known to be one of the main causes of mold growth, meaning it can be hard to keep homes free of harmful fungi. This humidity can also exacerbate dry skin and make your hair look dull and lank.

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Why Are we sensitive to humid weather ? 

When humidity is high, the air is more saturated with water molecules. These molecules are in suspension and don’t evaporate from our skin as easily, so we don’t feel wet. But when it’s humid, our bodies can’t cool off quickly enough, so the sweat on our skin stays there and causes us to feel clammy.

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High humidity can make you feel hotter than the actual air temperature. That’s because it helps warm moisture stay on the skin longer. This gives you a false sense of the true temperature around you and makes the body work harder to keep cool.

Because the air is usually so humid in our area, people feel even hotter than they really are. Meteorologists call this the “heat index” and it describes how hot it feels when the temperature is combined with high humidity.

The Risks of high temperatures and humidity:

  • Hyperthermia:  This is the most common symptom of heat stroke, occurs when your body can no longer regulate its temperature and starts to produce heat even though you are unable to stop it.

  • Dehydration: It can occur in both high and low moisture environments, but high levels of humidity can have a significant impact on your body’s ability to stay hydrated by increasing fluid evaporation from the skin or causing sweat to become less effective.

  • Humidity: Humidity  in the air causes body temperature to rise, which can make you tired faster than normal. In extreme cases, this can result in a heat stroke and even death.

  • Heat stroke : A Heat stroke is a common but potentially fatal result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Although the body can adapt to increased temperature for short periods, repeated exposure over time will cause the body’s temperature control mechanism to fail.

Home solutions:

Humid weather can be uncomfortable. It’s a good idea to use air conditioning in humid weather so you don’t sweat, or cool off with an air conditioner that has a dehumidifier and humidifier built-in.  Ac is very important to fight humidity. With an ac unit installed at home, you can stay comfortable and healthy all year round no matter where you live in the United Arab Emirates.

This is why it is important to keep your air conditioning maintained . With that keep a regular maintenance schedule for your ac repair dubai and ac coil cleaning. We recommend hiring an ac maintenance company as they will have experts and professionals that will do the appropriate fix and monitoring for you.

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