The do’s and don’ts of choosing door painting colors.

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The do’s and don'ts of choosing door painting colors. 

A beautifully painted front door will make your home stand out from afar. Paint the front of your house with a color scheme that will add panache, while also making your home look more inviting. Given its prominent place on the exterior of your house, the front entry should be an extension of the interior design.

Whether you are painting the exterior or interior of your home, we want to help you make an informed decision before you purchase. Our team of in-house designers and color consultants will work with you to create a beautiful entrance that is unique to your style.

The do’s in door painting : 

paint brushed

1- Neutrals are always in

Painting your front door is one of the most visible updates you can make to your home, and it’s also the easiest for homeowners to take on themselves. Use a neutral hue such as brown, black, or gray for a look that will withstand the test of time (even deep reds and navy blues are classic front door colors that act as neutrals). If your style changes or you alter your home's exterior later, neutral hues will adapt with you. Another neutral option is to stain your door instead of painting it; a wood stain will emphasize the door's natural material or grain pattern.

2- Stained doors

A stained front door can provide a long-lasting and welcoming feature for your home. The color you choose can express your style, provide an accent to your house, or help with energy efficiency.

Stain a door to give it a natural, rustic look. The best color for this technique is a dark brown or black. This option is especially useful if you have plans to change the total exterior of your home in the future. Other good neutral-colored options include gray, white and navy blue.

3-Bold colors are cool- don’t be afraid of them

Normally people choose neutral colors for their front door. These include black, gray, and brown. They're classic colors that are timeless and can easily adapt to changes in your style of home. If you do want a bolder look, go with a deep red or navy blue. For a unique look that will stand out, consider painting your house number on the door in an eye-catching color like lime green or hot pink.

Black or dark red doors can be dramatic, but they're not exactly classic. If you have a Victorian-era home with wood paneling and trim, or if you just like to stand out, anything goes. Similarly, doors painted in neutral colors such as brown, gray or black look great on almost any house. These hues will adapt to the changing hues of your neighborhood and coordinate with yellow trim or natural wood floors inside your home.

While most people are familiar with the expected paint colors for a door, you can make a bold statement by adding a splash of color! Bright shades or dark versions of brights will give your home personality and character. A bold color such as burgundy, forest green, or eggplant can make a dramatic statement and draw attention to your entryway. If your decor style is more traditional, try adding a dark version of a bright color instead. Darker shades of yellow, orange or lime green can make a big impact with minimal effort on your part.When decorating your home, remember that what you see on the paint chip doesn't always translate to the wall. Be sure to test out paint colors in a small area of your home before committing to an entire wall or room's worth. If you're not sure where to start decorating with color, painting your front door can be a bold statement or a simple addition."

The don'ts in door painting : 

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A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen up a room in your home. The right colors can make an ordinary house look like a showpiece, while the wrong colors can make an elegant property look drab. 

1- Pick a paint color in low lighting 

Before you commit, make sure your paint color looks great in the intended environment. Keep in mind that color will look different in different environments. To accurately judge how a color will look on your home, it’s important to pause for a moment and consider the types of spaces where you think you might want to use a new paint color (example: front door, family room, master bedroom or kitchen).

2- Avoid monochrome

Don’t avoid monochrome paint. To expand the look of your home, paint the doors, trim, and window frames the same color as the exterior walls. You’ll also want to choose a neutral backdrop for accessories to shine, such as planters and sconces like these at this farmhouse front door. Use color to highlight architectural details, too—like columns that frame the front door.A monochromatic color scheme creates a sense of continuity and makes a small house feel larger. Give your house a bigger-looking facade by painting the trim and door in a single color. This classic farmhouse look is ideal for small homes, and creates a clean, serene backdrop for accessories. Use color to visually expand architectural details like columns and windows, too.

How much paint do you need for a front door?

house painting can be expensive so you will need a budget for it. When painting the exterior of your home, you will need enough paint to cover the surface area of all the walls, trim and siding. You can figure this out by measuring the length and width of each section with a tape measure, then multiplying those measurements to get an area. Divide that number by one quart (which is about nine square feet) to find out how many quarts of paint you will need. To paint just one side of a door, you will only need about half a quart.


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