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Handyman dubai: Hire professional services

The biggest difficulty people face when looking to repair or replace their roofs is finding the right person to get their work done. For homeowners, getting exterior maintenance work like paint touch up is a difficult task at hand.

If you think you can do these fixtures on your own either by yourself or with help of inexperienced friends, then you are mistaken. Watching youtube videos or reading a DIY article is not enough for you to finish the job correctly. You’ll end up with faulty results.


 What makes a professional handyman service stand out?

Experienced handymen usually complete the job with optimal results.They can deal with all kinds of home maintenance and home services.

Basic repairs include:
️tv mounting
️light fixtures
️electrical wirings
️ appliance installation

This is why it is essential to hire a handyman service. You will not only save time but also get a proper job done. 

But be careful! when hiring, don't hire an unlicensed handyman. Make sure to go with the licensed & professional handyman services in Dubai. 

Need handyman services in dubai?

Who exactly is a handyman? What does a Handyman service offer? A handyman is skilled in various types of general maintenance work that involves minor repairs and maintenance works for the improvement of a property. 

In short, they are the man of all trades or odd job man, a helper, plumber, electrician, locksmith, and many more skills required on a day-to-day basis. 

The list of jobs that handyman services do is a lengthy one and difficult to pinpoint. Yet, it contains every and any type of repairs or maintenance you can think of. The question is not about what they can do, but rather what they can't do.

Most of these professional handyman services charge hourly apart from the cost of material used during the job. It is recommended to hire professional services as they have specialists in their team and do a particular job well. 

The charges are standardized, so you don’t need to worry about the cost aspect because they can fix and repair emergency work quickly and save one from hassles. 

The price for handyman services at Infiway  are the following:
1 hour : 175 AED
2 hours: 275 AED
3 hours: 375 AED
4 hours: 475 AED
5 hours: 575 AED
6 hours: 675 AED

pro service

If you're still not convinced about hiring a professional handyman dubai, we give you a few benefits on why you should go for it:

1- It’s a one-stop solution:

Instead of going to different contractors for various jobs, or hiring multiple agencies for repair jobs, a handyman service provides all kinds of services under one roof.
This is a great benefit as you may need different types of repairs and plumbing work. You can never know when you will be needing handyman services.

As These types of work keep coming up from time to time, having a handyman on standby at any given time seems like a very relieving idea.

With that being said, you can check if the company you decided to deal with offers an annual maintenance contract (AMC). Infiway offers AMC contracts. These contracts offer many package options  and services including an annual handyman service deal. This way you can rest assured that whenever you are in need of help,you can just call and they'll complete the job for you!

For more information about that, it is best to contact the maintenance company first and discuss all the components and details in this AMC contract.
You can check our apartment package or contact us for more details


2- Electrical maintenance is included :

 Electrical faults happen everywhere due to wear and tear. Water leakages can be found in underground pipes or in high electrical loads. 

 When it comes to Dubai, the scenario is no different. Here, electrical faults are higher due to extreme heat leading to AC breakdown or overloading.
Another factor is the Sand.  The sand particles are known to wear down wirings. It is important to get in touch with reputed Electrical work services in Dubai to assess the electrical faults at home or office.

For some, electrical maintenance is not usually a term that is linked to the word handyman. People think of an electrician for that job. A handyman is usually the person responsible for wall painting, tv mounting or light fixing.  However, in that context a handyman can also be an electrician.
Obviously, this is only when you are dealing with a company that offers all the services rather than individual people.

3-Fixture maintenance is included:

Fixtures in homes such as cabinets, lighting systems or  kitchen faucets wear out or break from everyday use.

Many of the home fixtures can be repaired or replaced with (DIY) methods used by homeowners. Those who are too busy to handle the task themselves prefer professionals who do the job to make sure it's done right.

Handyman fixtures in dubai don’t require a license as most general handyman service professionals can often do them. However, there are situations where replacing a particular fixture, such as a faucet or lighting system, requires a specialized license.

 4-Reasonable cost: 

A professional handyman service, contrary to popular misconception, is not expensive. They are less costly as they have fixed empanelment of experts, many of whom can multitask, thereby reducing the service provider's overhead cost. 

Handyman services provided by reputable businesses like Infiway Contracting LLC  will not charge you any hidden costs. Also, these service providers believe in long-term relationships and, as such, provide value for work.

 5-Post clean up:

It is common knowledge that after any renovations or repairs at home, there is plenty of debris, dirt, and clutter in the house.
The advantage of hiring a professional handyman service is that they will provide the post-clean-up services as a part of the contract. It would be as neat and clean as if there was no renovation or repairing ever done to it when they leave the place. 

The service providers have licensed workers impaneled with them and ensure quality work to their clients. A handyman is proficient and well skilled in all aspects of their job. Hiring them provides a client peace of mind. If you want to hire professional and reliable services of Handyman in Dubai, you can always rely on Infiway.


Our handyman services include:

⚒️ Carpentry handyman services in dubai

⚡ Electrical maintenance

"Plumber near me" services: We offer plumbing repair services in dubai at the best rates and results

Our services:

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