How do I know it’s time to replace my old AC?

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How do I know when it is the right time to replace an old AC?

High dependence on air conditioning systems and air conditioners in the Middle East, leads to high electricity bills. But, this is essential as it’s a basic necessity to cope with the hot climate.

Almost about 70% of household electricity bills relate to the running of air conditioners almost round the clock. Excessive use of air conditioners impacts the life of the machines. This often inflates electricity bills due to poor performance over time.

 Air conditioner designs consider the optimal use of the machines to determine life expectancy. But, excessive use upsets the equation and reduces machine life as the operations and performance keep deteriorating faster than expected.   Since replacing air conditioners is costly, most households try AC repair when the machines start showing signs of problems. 

 Proper maintenance can help the machine last its life but at the cost of optimal performance. In such cases, replacing the AC is cost-effective.

1- Decrease in performance over time 


Monitoring the performance of air conditioners is most important. Never take air conditioners for granted because after all, these machines are prone to wear and tear.  When you use air conditioners for a long time, the performance of the machine starts declining. There will be a drop of performance after some years even if you leave these in the care of experts.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: Is my AC performance still the same as last year? If the answer is NO, then keep on analyzing the yearly performance of that AC.

Are you noticing a decline in performance over the years?

If the answer is affirmative then this means some defects or issues started to show. This does not mean that it is not fixable. Many problems can be due to a lack of regular check-ups and maintenance.
You can consider calling an expert first and do a check-up.

Having an annual maintenance contract with some reputable ac maintenance company in dubai does give some peace of mind. This way you know the machines are in safe hands.

Regular AC coil cleaning and ac duct cleaning in dubai ensures proper cooling over an extended period.   Although the service contract might ensure proper maintenance for the uninterrupted running of the machines. It cannot prevent the decline in performance as the machines keep growing old.

Observe the performance changes and if you find it worsening, then replacing the machine is the best option.

AC replacement is costly. You must decide about it at the right time after monitoring the machine’s performance regularly since its installation.  It is natural that the performance of air conditioners deteriorates with time but still the machine can live its life. But sticking to an old air conditioner can prove costly because of rising maintenance costs and inflated energy bills.

Therefore, looking for signs that tell you when it’s right to replace the machine can prove cost-effective in the long run. 

2- Different energy efficiency

energy efficiency

If you find an increase in energy bills without adding new equipment to the household, you should start worrying. This is when you need to start paying attention to the performance of the air conditioners.

Monitor the performance of each machine separately to identify which machine performs poorly. Poorly performance means that the machine is unable to produce the desired cooling temperature even when running continuously. 

Calculate the maintenance cost incurred on the machine and see how it fares in comparison to buying a new one. If you find that repairing the ac would be more expensive, then you need to buy a new one. 

3-Unsatisfactory cooling & an increased indoor humidity 


Taking care of you machines is not enough, after all each machine has a lifespan and is bound to break. If you find that a machine is not cooling enough as compared to what it did a few years ago, put it on the suspect list.
Even after a few repair attempts, if you do not get the desired results, stop spending anything for repair work.

If the machine’s performance deteriorates prematurely, it’s pointless to spend money on repairing. Considering buying a new machine will be cost-effective in the long run.

Air conditioners not only cool homes but also control the moisture in the indoor air because of their dehumidifying action. If you find humidity is increasing ,despite the air conditioner running to full capacity then try to repair it a few times. But, if there is no marked improvement don’t delay replacing the defective Ac with a new one.

4- You have a Leaking AC


Leakage is a common problem in air conditioners and companies that provide AC service in Dubai can set things right. Do not neglect minor leakages as they can pose bigger problems later. However, if the leakage recurs or new leaks appear and multiple repairs, this means your machine time is up. Replacing it with a new AC as soon as you would is the only way to stop draining money. Regardless of the age of the AC, leakage makes Ac replacement most obvious. 

Monitoring the maintenance cost, energy bills, and cooling levels should help you make the right decisions. Also, you should keep in mind there’s another crucial component that needs to be considered. The ac compressor. This is the component that allows the air to circulate inside your ac unit. However, it is probably best to keep an eye on it all the time. Once it’s gone bad, it is difficult for most times to get it fixed. So if it’s broken, this is your sign to get a new AC.

Check your thermostat first !

Sometimes, if your ac is not turning on and off it is because your ac thermostat battery could be dead. So before you start investigating the well being of your ac components and start preparing your budget, take a look at the batteries. 

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