How to get your house ready for summer?

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How to get your house ready for summer?

With the warmer months right around the corner, we’re heading outdoors to enjoy all that nature has to offer. This is a great time to get ready for summer by sprucing up our home and yard with some updates that will make a permanent impact while relaxing in your favorite spot!

Prepare your home for the summer heat with these essential tips. Learn how to get your house ready for summer in Dubai and ensure comfort and efficiency during the warmer months.

 how to get your house ready for summer

What can you do?

1. Deep clean your house. 

Make your home feel brand new with a thorough deep cleaning. Be sure to give extra attention to troublesome places where dust and dirt collect, such as window sills, baseboards and corners of doors (excellent for those touchless cleaning systems).

2.Upgrade your outdoor area.

 Getting your house ready for summer? Tired of being indoors? You don’t need to completely renovate your outdoor space or spend lots of time working on it. A few quick and easy projects can turn out awesome results and make you feel like you’re truly taking advantage of all the warm weather. One simple idea is adding a pergola over a deck, patio or sitting area. If you have an old shed on the property and can’t bear to rid yourself of it, think about converting it into an outdoor bar. You’ll find that this will offer your guests a fun place to relax, and keeps everyone closer together. If you don’t have a shed but would like to keep everyone close-knit, consider creating a sociable space with several unique seating options.

Add style, charm and function to your outdoor space with a pergola. Whether you live in the sticks or the city, a pergola is a great way to add shade and create interest in an otherwise mundane backyard. Or, pergolas are attractive additions to any commercial patio or restaurant. Pergolas come in many styles and shapes, but many homeowners like the simplicity of them: they’re easy to install, can be added as an addition over time – they’re very customizable, and are extremely strong and durable.

3. Gardening.

If you’re new to gardening in your yard and have no idea what is growing out there, it’s time to start seeing what you can do about it.

Summer is coming, and you may want to get your house ready for it. If you have grass in your yard, you can get rid of it by spraying Round-Up or any other weed killer that will kill the grass but not harm your plants. If you have any fruit trees (apricot, cherry, grape), keep them pruned so they won’t break off their branches when they bloom.

What you do in the garden depends on your climate, soil and budget. If you have money to spend, hire someone to help you design a plan. If you don’t have the money for professional help, take the time to research things that grow well in your area. Find out what pests and diseases like your plant or tree most. After all, if it’s resistant to everything living in your particular region, there’s no real reason not to grow it!

4.Add new furniture.

If you want to kick-start your outdoor entertaining, spring is a great time to get things going. Your house may need an update if you’re planning on hosting large parties or family gatherings. Think about adding some new furniture, perhaps a table and chairs, a covered space and make sure it’s easy to access the bathroom. Or consider taking advantage of your backyard and installing an outdoor kitchen with all the tools needed for cooking up meals outdoors. You can even install an outdoor fireplace if your tastes don’t run towards a gas grill. Contact an electrical maintenance company in dubai to see if there’s a possibility to install electrical wiring for your new lighting. You can also consider doing some house painting work.

5. ac repair dubai.

Summer means extra heat, this means that you need for sure to get your acs repaired and cleaned. Try to book an appointment with the ac maintenance company dubai beforehand as bookings get usually full around the summer. When we are talking about ac we are talking about getting ac coil cleaning services as well.

6. Check for potential problems

Before you can use your patio and deck, you have to make sure it’s safe for the family and protected from water damage. It’s best to build your outdoor living space away from tree roots and at the highest point on your property. In other words, a level slab of concrete! A good way to prevent water from pooling in areas where it might cause damage is with pavers or bricks that slope down into a drain or gutter so water can run off easily. Make sure to protect your patio or deck by covering any exposed wood with pressure-treated lumber or concrete. This will keep you free of splinters and rot. Don’t forget to finish with a few coats of exterior paint – this helps deter pests like termites, ants and bugs plus gives your deck even more weather protection against sun damage and moisture!

7.Consider a home maintenance contract

Getting your house to be ready for summer time can be a hassle. But with some planning and attention, your home will stay cool this summer. This annual maintenance contract is a great way to keep your house gadgets and equipment up-to-date and secure from breakage and damage. All you have to do is simply sign up for the plan and forget about it until the next year when we send you an email reminding us that it’s time to renew.

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