How to navigate things as a new home owner?

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How to navigate things as a new home owner?

Owning a home is a big responsibility, but it’s also an exciting one. You get to make your own decisions about the house’s maintenance, style and upgrades. But with so much freedom comes more responsibility—especially when it comes to knowing when to call in professional help for repairs and renovations.

The harsh reality is that maintenance costs don’t stop when you buy a home. In fact, they’ve just begun.Problems come and go in your home. In every case, whether you repaint the kitchen or rewire the bathroom, you’re taking care of big-ticket items. But it’s a fact of life that some things get pushed back to make room for higher priorities. Whether you have a headache, a guest room light fixture or a sagging porch step, these little repairs can turn into major issues if left unchecked.This guide is the only resource you need to navigate home maintenance and improve your property’s value for years to come.

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Before the Big move in 

Your new home is finally yours, but before you begin unpacking and calling it home. When you’re moving to a new home, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of finally having a place of your own. But before you start packing up and unpacking, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with some extra steps to help make your move easier on you—and your new home.

Create a management file 

Keeping your home well maintained is essential, but with so many responsibilities it can be difficult. It’s not always easy to remember what you’ve done and when you need to do it again. Home management binders will store all this information for you, so that you have easy access to at any point. They will also allow you to organize your documents digitally and physically…

Have you ever had to break out your old home documents when something went wrong? We’ve all been there. It can feel like you’re going through a time machine every time you have to find a document, but this is an all too common experience. What we often forget is that if something in your home breaks, no one cares about the design of your home or how much fun it was to decorate. They care about getting a plumber ASAP! So, keep all the information on one place and in one binder. The rule of thumb is to keep a binder for each room that matters most in your life: kitchen and living room binders are pretty much standard, but kids need their own places as well.

Essential data to include in your files:

-Home warranties and other legal documents

-New house data: As part of your new home ownership prep, create a list of all the information about your new home, including square footage, measurements and any unique features that will help you know what kind of maintenance may be coming up in the next few years.

-Inspection data: After your home inspection is complete, you should have several of the most important details you need to get started in your new place. Scroll through each room in your home and make a list of any issues that may require some maintenance before you move in.

-List of rooms to be painted: house painting is a must before moving in. When you move, your new space needs a fresh coat before you unpack your boxes and settle in. Use cleaning products to sanitize the space before painting, but do not power wash the walls or you could damage them. Consult with local professional painters to get their expert advice on what kind of paint will make your space pop.

-Deep clean the house: When moving into a fresh space, it is tempting to prioritize unpacking and getting everything in place. Prioritizing cleaning, though, will not only help you unpack faster, but give you peace of mind knowing that every inch of your new home is clean. Start by deep cleaning your space, removing all of the clutter that has accumulated over many years or months.

-List of repair work needed for each room for each product: This is a very important step. Identify what type of maintenance services you will need for each room and which product needs them. For example, an ac needs ac repair dubai services and ac coil cleaning so for that you will need to be in touch with an ac maintenance company dubai.

-Electrical wiring check-ups: Make sure that all the electrical elements are working properly as you don’t want any hazards later on. For this you need to contact an electrical maintenance company in dubai.

After the Big move in 

If you want to save money on your home, the first step is to start shopping around. Get supplies, tools and appliances at a discount by visiting the right shops and comparing prices.

Schedule Regular check-ups:

Ensure that any repairs and maintenance are taken care of in a timely manner. Keeping your home up-to-date with regular check-ups ensures it will remain in good condition and protect your investment. As an example, you should schedule annual heating and cooling maintenance to ensure your system continues operating efficiently.

There are several key factors that can help you determine the value of your home repairs. First, consider whether or not your home is in an area where homes are selling for more than their list price. If the answer is “yes”, then that could indicate that there is pent-up demand for property in your neighborhood, so it may be a good time to sell your home if you plan on doing so within the next year or two.

We understand that home maintenance can be complicated and overwhelming. As a homeowner, you may not be skilled with home repair and maintenance tasks. We recommend finding a handyperson to assist you as you tackle your to-do list. Contact your local home professionals for a stress-free experience when the time comes to call for help.

To ensure that you’re managing your home properly, set up regular inspections with a professional who will help you avoid costly repair and maintenance problems. This is why you need to consider signing an annual maintenance contract (also called a home maintenance contract)

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Call Infiway for Help

Maintaining a home is crucial. Thankfully, there are professionals who can help. At Infiway, we can help you maintain your home as well as make it a comfortable and safe place to live in. Our team of professionals have years of experience in the industry, so you can trust that any problems we encounter will be handled quickly and with the utmost professionalism.


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