Reasons Why Mold is Growing In Your house

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Reasons Why Mold is Growing In Your house

A very crucial yet disregarded problem impacting a home’s hygiene and your family’s health is the growth of mold . Mold is a type of fungi that is hard to notice at the early stages. Once the problem becomes severe, this is when you are alarmed and start freaking out on how to remove it.
Neglecting your overall house maintenance will lead to disastrous problems. Mold is one of these problems. Mold can be formed on your house walls and especially ceiling but it can also be formed elsewhere.

wall mold
In the early stage of formation, mold is actually harmless. However, the more it develops the more health risks you’re going to face.
This is a big health issue especially in households where there are toddlers and babies. They are at risk of developing severe health and respiratory problems because of this neglect.

With the humid weather in Dubai, it is without a doubt that houses, apartments and even villas are subject to mold formation. So, the question here is not if houses are prone to mold forming in Dubai but how to immediately take action !
Studies have shown that almost half the population in Dubai has experienced or has faced mold problems in their homes or work environments. Many agreed that having a pre-signed annual maintenance contract with maintenance services in dubai has helped with fixing and even preventing the issue.

How to make an annual maintenance contract in dubai?
What is an AMC?



✔️ Chronic diseases            ✔️Asthma        ✔️Reduced sleep         ✔️Nasal allergies            


What are the environments causing mold to be formed?

Damp Environment and Humidity

Dubai is known for its humid temperature and environment. In your house the most places that are prone to developing mold are damp environments. Examples include the kitchen and bathroom. These have 80% of mold forming on the walls. The next risky room in your house is the bedroom with 45% of mold forming. Damp spaces in your house are the dangerous areas. These are important to get checked up by an expert.

Poor Ventilation

One of the important and essential things to keep in mind to ensure a healthy home is setting up the indoor environment  with the proper ventilation. The growth of mold is regular in areas where good ventilation is stagnant. With improper ventilation, the air will be mixed with the humidity causing an encouraging growing formula for mold. For this you will need to book a full ac service in dubai with an ac technician . This service will include ac repair and maintenance. The expert will make sure to fix the  required levels of ventilation and give you clean and safe air. 


Unclean AC Ducts

An unclan faulty ac dubai and neglected air duct cleaning are common to allow for mold to thrive. It is a very bad idea and unwise to leave an ac service neglected, especially ac duct cleaning in dubai . Generally speaking, an air conditioner serves the purpose of filtering the air to reduce allergies and asthma as well as enhancing the air quality in the room. It is unwise to neglect it and ruin the functionality of it. Keep your air quality good by keeping a regular check-up schedule with your home ac repair company and make sure you have your ac duct cleaning services in dubai are booked at least twice a year



Water leakage is another thing causing mold. This is experienced by almost everyone at some point in life This is why, treating the issue ealy is key to reducing major future problems. Water leakage is usually caused by a break in the pipes or pipeline. For this, make sure to call the closest plumber near you. We also recommend you are already in contact with plumbing repair services in dubai that offer emergency services as it will make your life easier  

Even though mold is unsafe for your kids and significant others, you can start taking precautions and measures to fix that. The first step is to look for a maintenance company in Dubai. Once you have your mind set on a company, give them a call and ask about their services, pricing and any additional information you think is crucial. 

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These experts will give you all the preventative  measures that can help you maintain your house. This does not mean that you can form the services on your own. Mold removal and other maintenance services need to be handled by experts.

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