What’s the difference between Split ac and Window ac?

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The difference between Split ac and Window ac

It’s time to go shopping for an AC !  With summer fast approaching and ac deals galore, you may find yourself wondering “Which AC is better?” Knowing the answer to this question is extremely vital to making the right purchase decision. Doing your research can also help you from spending an unnecessary amount of money. However, to truly understand the difference between split and windows ac units, you’ll have to look up several things such as energy consumption, operating cost and performance in order to make an informed decision about your next unit

split vs window ac

Which one to choose? 

To understand how split ac units work, you’ll have to look up several things. Some of these things include the difference between air conditioning and heat settings, how condensation builds up inside your unit, and how much energy is used during cooling off periods. If you want to make sure that you’re getting value for money when buying an AC unit and don’t want to spend a lot of time researching these topics, then let us do the research for you!

The key things to keep in mind when comparing AC units, whether it’s a split or Window model are your budget, comfort level and energy efficiency. Split systems generally use less energy than windows units because they house no glass panes; most of the insulation is built into the unit itself. Split systems also tend to be quieter than other models but they can only be operated while they are installed directly onto an outdoor wall. The biggest advantage of this type of system is that it doesn’t require any special installation instructions, which makes it extremely easy to move around in your home if necessary.

The different aspects of a split and a window ac

You want to take in every detail when picking a window or split ac unit. The price, the type of cooling that you would like and most importantly the comfort level you wish to have in your house will make all the difference. You need to know that while they may seem very similar in terms of design and appearance, they are actually completely different when it comes to their performance. This is why it is important for you to consider every aspect before making your choice.

Picking the right kind of air conditioner can be quite a task, which is why we’ve compiled all the information and reviews you need in one place. Our wide range allows you to choose between window units and split units through our comparison tool, giving you even more freedom in your purchase decision.


Window air conditioning is a way of keeping your home cool and comfortable, without having to spend a lot of money on venting and ductwork. As most houses have windows, it only makes sense that these are used for this purpose instead of the typical roof vent or wall vent. There are two types of window ac service systems: window media (which uses individual condenser units) and split systems (which use several small fans or blowers in one central unit).


The space requirement is not significantly different between a window unit and a split ac. The most noticeable difference is the amount of room required to accommodate the entire appliance, which requires either a full window or adjustments to the wall in order to accommodate it.

Split ACs are great for rooms with limited space, because they take up less room than a window unit. A split unit can easily be installed on either side of a wall and will require less space than a single large unit. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why customers choose split ac over window ac!


In terms of energy consumption, a comparison between the two AC types is not possible as different models. Each model from the two types consumes certain energy. Same unit’s systems from models and types usually consume the same.

4-Cooling Capacity

You can get a split AC of above 2 tons in power, by choosing from a range of manufacturers. A split AC has a capacity of around 0.6 tons but is installed in large rooms for cooling and blowing air. On the other hand, window ACs are smaller and work better for cooling smaller areas.

Split ACs are the best choice for larger rooms and can easily cool up to 800 square feet – more than double the capacity of a window AC. In addition, split ACs lie on their side when installed in a ceiling or wall mount and so consume less floor space.


Usually you don’t have to worry about ac installation as it is not your responsibility and job as a house or store owner. There’s plenty of ac maintenance services in dubai that offer this type of activity. All you need to do is find a convenient maintenance company in dubai for you.


You can expect an unbelievable noise-free cooling experience with a split AC. This type of air conditioning comes in three different models: horizontal, vertical and split. The horizontal model is designed to fit on a wall mount and features two separate units that make it the quietest among all ACs. The vertical model is placed below the ceiling where it acts like a window unit similar to the one installed in your living room

With a split AC, you get all the benefits of modern efficiency and comfort, while still enjoying the gentle sound of walking on a cloud. The compressor is housed in the outer unit, making it less noisy than its window equivalent. Split ACs are virtually silent compared to window units and this goes a long way in reducing noise pollution in homes.


Now on to the comparison between ac maintenance for these two models. The widow ac maintenance cost and routine are less than a split ac due to the fact that it has only one unit. A split Ac requires periodic check-ups and maintenance for optimum results. So keep in mind that a split ac will need at least an ac cleaner twice a year for ac coil cleaning and ac duct cleaning in dubai.

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