The Advantages and Disadvantages of AC Cleaning in Dubai

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC cleaning?

Cleaning air ducts is a matter of debate. Many homeowners consider it an essential part of AC cleaning; others are unconcerned. There are many doubts about the potential hazard of cleaning air ducts. This article will look at and examine some of the main points of pros and cons of cleaning air ducts.  

Before that, let us have some more ideas about Air Ducts. They are channels, passages, tubes, or pipes used in the air conditioning system to deliver and remove air. 

Air Duct cleaning work is carried out using a rotary vacuum brush to remove the dust and debris accumulating in the air vent. The other method is high-pressure air washing, which suck out accumulated impurities using a truck-mounted vacuum. 


                                                                        clean AC 

Advantages Of Cleaning Air Ducts

Improves efficiency 

If there are blockages in the free airflow within the HVAC unit, the efficiency of the machine or air conditioning unit suffers. Dust, debris, and other impurities force the machine to work harder, resulting in excess energy consumption and inadequate cooling. Cleaning of the ducts allows smooth air movement and better unit efficiency.

Reduces airborne transmission of disease

It is common for pests, critters, and rodents to make a home in air ducts. These animals not only damage the ducts but also cause a threat to the homeowner's health. They enter and exit the ducts by tearing them and allowing air to escape from the duct causing less cooling. Other than this, their droppings contaminate the air flow causing ailments to the users of the AC units. To avoid both problems, cleaning air ducts is essential. 

Reduce allergies 

Regular breathing of air filled with dust, grime, and other allergens can be harmful to infants, adults, and those suffering from allergies. When dust accumulates in the ducts, they loosen and travel with air into the rooms where occupants inhale them. It can trigger severe health issues. The only way to contain them is to clean the air duct regularly. Cleaning the ducts is the only way out to control indoor air quality. 

Disadvantages Of Cleaning Air Ducts 

  • Duct Replacement

If you choose to do a home ac repair and cleaning DIY process , the duct can get damaged. It will result in the duct getting wet and developing molds. Cleaning will not be sufficient, and the only option is to get the duct replaced. So, cleaning ducts can only be beneficial if Professional maintenance companies who undertake AC Coil Cleaning in Dubai do the complex task of duct cleaning. 

  • Damages to the HVAC unit

Cleaning the duct means reaching into the interiors of the HVAC unit and a long hose has to be inserted. If not done in a proper way, the ducts can get damaged. The problem is when one tries to do the job themselves or get it done by untrained technicians. The result can be disastrous, and the whole unit will get damaged. Air conditioning units are expensive, and replacing them would entail huge costs, especially if the entire unit is centrally air-conditioned. 

  • Duct cleaning is expensive

Duct cleaning requires specialized equipment. Professional AC Repair and Maintenance companies use equipment such as hose pipes, suction vacuum cleaners, rotary brushes, and even cameras attached to monitors to have a good look inside the deep interiors of the AC duct. 

This job requires inspection and then planning for getting the job done. It takes time and cant is accomplished in a short time. The work is sensitive and calls for expertise. It means the charges for AC Air Duct cleaning and AC Coil Cleaning are high. If the AC unit is serviced and cleaned regularly under AMC by AC maintenance companies, they will recommend when the Air Duct cleaning is required. It will help the homeowner to save on unnecessary expenses.  

In the end, If the external pollution is high, it will take a couple of years for the ducts to get filled with dust and other impurities. So, if the AC is running fine, there is no need to clean the air duct; otherwise, once in three years is fine. 

The above points relate to the pros and cons of cleaning air ducts. It tells us that even if AC air Ducts need to be cleaned and serviced, they should be done by professional AC repairs and maintenance company in Dubai
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