Tips to keep a healthy home in 2023

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Tips to keep a healthy home in 2023

How can you take control of your life this year? 

“ A comfortable house is a great source of happiness”

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Our homes are our safe place where we spend most of our time. This sanctuary is where we regroup our thoughts and recharge our batteries from this stressful life. Maintaining a healthy home means keeping it clean and sanitized. Keeping your house healthy needs to be a top priority for you this year in 2023. Most Dubai’s residents rely heavily on air conditioning to keep cool from the extreme heat and hot weather. Any disruption or breakage in the HVAC unit can cause many disturbances.

Keeping a routine check and a maintained house in dubai will definitely help enhance our physical and mental state. Benefits also include lower health risks and issues for your spouse and kids. Having a state of peace when you’re at home is also a good add-on advantage.

So let’s begin this year with taking control of our houses in Dubai. To do that we have prepared you essential tips and guidelines that will help you


✔️ Bad mood            ✔️Feeling discomfort        ✔️Bad sleep         ✔️Lower energy levels

What can you do to fix it?

1- Regular House sanitation

Even if the pandemic was a few years ago , we still need to consider house sanitization on a regular basis. With a lot of family members  and friends visiting your house. Your furniture and rooms are welcoming exterior bacteria as well. The neglect in sanitizing will allow bacteria to accumulate in your house. A first step in maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. This includes floor mopping, polishing door knobs and wiping surfaces like kitchen counters.

A weekly cleaning is recommended with at least one day dedicated to doing the above activities. This is not enough however, you also need to consider hiring cleaning companies in uae. While it is true that you know how to clean (we are not saying you don’t) there will still be hidden bacterias and germs. The only alternative is to deep clean it. Deep cleaning services usually have the needed tools and equipment to carry the job without ruining your furniture or scratching your countertops. For example, These specialists can handle mattress, bedsheet, carpet and  sofa cleaning dubai

2- Clutter is not your friend this year

We understand that an item may sometimes have a value or a good memory attached to it. But hoarding too much will make your house clumpy and prone to accumulate more dust. This has shown to also increase anxiety levels as a messy house can have an impact on the brain and send discomfort signals.

On a weekend day, don’t schedule any plans and allocate it to you checking all the gadgets and tools you have in your house. Assort them into piles. The ones you need, the ones you have not used in a while, the useless items and the ones you think you might need. Sit down and ask yourself if you really need them and if they are a necessity. Also check the shelf life for all products (whether it’s food items or not) . Please throw out the ones where the date has passed the expiry date,

3- You can improve your indoor air quality 

Living in Dubai is no joke when it comes to tolerating the heat. This is why all residents have at least one ac installed in their houses. The AC is what’s responsible for improving the quality of the air running in your house. An AC needs constant maintenance and check-ups. This is why maintenance services in dubai are handy. These companies usually offer an all inclusive ac maintenance. Examples include: ac repair, coil cleaning and ac duct cleaning in dubai

4- Check your house color vibes

Color palettes used can have a big impact on your mood more than you think. In interior design color psychology is one of the most important courses taught to the decorators and designers. They need to learn to match color and adopt it to match it to the needs of the customer but with making a calm mood.
If you are not an interior designer, don’t freak out. First, what you can do is check if you are getting good energy from your house rooms. If not, maybe it’s time for a house painting project?

5- Consider an AMC

An AMC refers to an annual maintenance contract. annual maintenance contract in dubai are usually offered by maintenance companies in dubai. There’s different packages for an AMC depending on your house size. Each contract has a set of specific activities that the maintenance company offers you on a yearly basis.

How to make an annual maintenance contract in dubai?
What is an AMC?

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