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This is why it’s better to deal with a Trusted Maintenance and Repair Services Company in Dubai..

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Living in Dubai has its advantages and challenges. While the city offers accessible rental options, budget-conscious individuals often opt for suburban living, where affordable accommodation is available. However, these homes, often in older buildings, require regular and emergency maintenance. Choosing a Trusted Maintenance and Repair Services Company in Dubai ensures prompt and reliable solutions for any upkeep needs.

The bonus of maintenance falls on the tenants if the landlords do not take the responsibility or take time to fix a repair. Usually, when the term maintenance is used, people imagine some massive home renovation services like handyman fixtures services in dubai. It can be that but it can also mean minor fixes or repaires for bizarre happenings. These cabs require immediate attention to eliminate further higher risk damages.

⚒️Home repairs can include home ac repair jobs that include also an ac coil cleaning and ac duct cleaning services in dubaielectrical maintenance dubai or plumbing repair services in dubai
⚒️Home maintenance services can include full house renovations or simple house painting

Everything you can imagine can be done according to your budget and time and specific needs. This is why you will be needing to deal with a trusted company because they will take care of everything. Trusting them means you will need to stop worrying about the what ifs|

Let us look at some of the actual maintenance incidents in Dubai, which will make us understand the importance of having a maintenance service provider on call.

  • A family moved into an apartment but found that there was no ladder available. The workers used the storage cabinet to climb up and complete the work.

  • The water pump broke down, and the landlord took more than a week to repair it. The family had to take a bath somewhere else.

  • A newly arrived family bought a sofa for their home. When the sofa arrived, it could not fit into the elevator, nor could it be taken by stairs to the Fourth-Floor apartment. They had to hire a crane to move it to the terrace.

  • A Muslim family heard someone taking a shower in the guest room at night. Turning on the Quran on the audio system and praying hoping that there was no ghost in the other room. Finally, it turned out that the overhead tank had leaked, and thankfully there was no ghost. But the family had to take the help of the security to turn off the water source.

  • Many incidents of flush not working properly resulting in overflowing apartments.

  • An expatriate family came back from vacation and found the AC trays had overflowed, the false ceiling boards were broken, and the whole apartment was flooded.

So Why hire a Trusted Company?

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✔️You don’t have to be worried
✔️Saves time and money
✔️Guaranteed satisfaction

Home Maintenance and Repair Services by Experts

While some of the incidents are minor, others can be disastrous and a hassle for the apartment’s occupants. These incidents could have been avoided if regular maintenance was done or if an AMC with a reliable maintenance and repair company was in place, resulting in a timely solution.

Complex maintenance services 

Home maintenance is a regular feature even if one lives in a well-furnished apartment. So, when it is Springtime, it is time for ac service in Dubai before the impending hot and grueling Summer. Just opening the windows is not enough. One has to ensure that the AC’s are taken out, air ducts cleaned and serviced. This is not possible for anyone to do it personally. One needs an ac maintenance company in Dubai to do this job.

So, one is assured of cool and fresh filtered air from the serviced AC’s. What about clean drinking water? The water tank is another place where all the dirt is hidden, and one may not be aware of it. Dubai’s water system has an overhead tank system where water is stored and then supplied to individual apartments. What if the landlord is indifferent and the onus is on the tenant to get the water tank cleaned every six months? This is the ideal time gap for cleaning as Dubai has hot and dusty conditions leading to water contamination.

 For these jobs, the services of the maintenance services company are essential.

Is it scary to find the technicians finding all sorts of rubbish in the water tanks during the cleaning process? Dust, dirt, garbage, plants, or even dead animals are found sometimes, sadly! Usually, nobody drinks straight out of the tap as water filters are used for drinking water. Still, washing dishes, clothes, or even brushing teeth from this dirty water is possible.

For cleaning overhead water tanks or sanitizing, it needs expert Home Maintenance and Repair Services in Dubai.   The list of maintenance jobs can be long- Electrical, AC service, plumbing, cleaning, Deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, carpentry, pest control, and many more.

And it is not feasible or practical to go for individual services from different places. Getting a Trusted Maintenance and Repair Services Company in Dubai like Infiway in Dubai would ensure all the maintenance, fit-out and renovation needs are taken care of under one specialist roof.

Professional maintenance companies like Infiway have their in-house team of specialists, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in all types of annual maintenance contract services and renovation jobs. This gives them the edge over the competition when it comes to delivering the highest level of service at short notice.

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