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What is an AC compressor?

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What is an AC compressor?

An AC compressor is one of the most important components that is your HVAC unit. It is the heart of the functioning system on an Air conditioning. It allows the air to be moved and keeps everything intact.

AC compressor

There are different types of AC systems that can be installed in a house or an apartment. It can be either a packaged or a split system. Whatever the system, they all have the same components when they function.
Each system or unit has a compressor. Its main purpose is to move around the air inside the unit and transform it into the required temperature. It can be either cold or hot, it all depends on the choice chosen on the ac thermostat panel.  

How Does The AC Compressor Work?

Photo hand with remote control directed on air conditioner

First, the AC compressor moves air from your apartment to the inside of the AC using ductwork and fans. Once the air is inside, the ac compressor moves it into another unit component which is the refrigerant.Then, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air coming from the compressor  making the temperature drop. With that, a cooler and colder air is now available. 

The refrigerant keeps on coming back to the compressor to take the air. In the meantime, the compressor keeps on pulling air from the house.
This process is in a repetitive loop up until both the inside unit temperature matches the one on the thermostat. 

In humid dubai, the heat is always present. Because of this excess, both the compressor and the refrigerant are working on the clock to keep it cold. This causes the compressor to have so much potential to break. Even though some components can be fixed and repaired, if you are too late to notice the damage or issue for the ac compressor, an ac repair won’t help. Any faulty component will ruin your compressor. It is very sensitive. This is why it is best to keep a maintenance company in dubai on your speed dial for regular ac maintenance services. 

Main Reasons Your AC Compressor Stopped Working

Any company offering ac service in dubai will offer you regular check-up services if you sign up with them or book an annual maintenance contract. But, even when you have someone, you need to understand the different reasons causing the damages. Issues can be caused by:

 Dirty coils: For that the company will suggest you an ac coil cleaning service
 Suction Lines issues: It could be caused by an incorrect size or Blocked suction lines.
 Electrical problems: If that’s the issue, you will be needing an electrical maintenance company
 Insufficient oil lubricant
 Bad refrigerant charge: It can be Too Low or Too high

Photo repair and fix air conditioner at home.

There’s many signs that show your compressor has been compromised. Before it stops working at once, you will probably see, hear or sense many warning signs. These signs include:

 Periodically on and off cycles: This is also known as a hard start. It is usually caused by an electrical problem.
 Reduced cooling and increased warmth : If you feel like your office or apartment are not as cool as they usually are, it means that an error has occurred with the compressor. Take a close look into it. Is it you that’s adapted to the air con temperature or is the ac blowing warm air?  
 Weird noises: When you turn on the AC listen closely to any weird noises. It could be a buzzing or a clicking sound.
 AC is shaking when you switch the power on: It could be a light or a heavy shake. In both scenarios, this is not a good sign.

You should know that, for the most part, compressor replacement or repairs are very expensive. Most parts do have a warranty but you will still need to pay extra fees. These extra fees include labor rate, hourly rate and other expenses.

You can avoid extra expenses by keeping a regular schedule. Our tip is also to deal with a transparent company in regards to their costs. They also need to offer a high quality job.

Before you freakout !

Before you freak out, make sure your thermometer is set to the correct temperature. Your kids may have changed the program by mistake. If that’s not the case, check if there’s fresh or dead batteries inside the remote control or panel

Regular ac repair and maintenance is essential to fix all the potential future issues. Call our HVAC experts in Dubai, the UAE today at 8004929 or you can contact us online for the best air conditioning maintenance and ac duct cleaning services in dubai.

Infiway is a maintenance company that deals with all kinds of faulty ac. We have been in the market for long enough to know how to assist you at the best price with minimal time. 

Experience superior AC maintenance and repair services with Infiway, the leading maintenance company in Dubai. From Split AC Maintenance to AC Coil Cleaning Services, we’re your go-to for all AC needs. Trust the best AC repair and maintenance company in Dubai for AC Duct Cleaning Services, AC Installation Service, and more. Contact us today for top-notch AC services in Dubai!

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