What is an AC thermostat?

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What is an AC thermostat? 

An ac thermostat is one of the most essential components related to an AC. It allows protecting you and your family against the emerging summer heatwaves in Dubai. However, most people get confused between the thermostat and the actual unit of the air conditioner which is the HVAC..  

Both parts work simultaneously to ensure a convenient temperature to bear with the unbearable humidity. With that being said, they remain different in characteristics and functionalities. 

AC thermostat:

This is a gadget or a digital equipment, like a keypad that is usually placed on the walls of the house or institution. It allows the user to check the current temperature let out by the HVAC system.With this tool,Moreover, you can control the temperature by turning The HVAC system ON and OFF. You also have different options you can choose from depending on the amount of warmth and cool you need. You should note that the degree on the thermostat is listed in celsius and not fahrenheit for most ACs. The lower the number the coolest the temperature is. 

HVAC manufacturers usually design the thermostat in a way that limits the choice for consumers. TheThe lowest temperature you can choose from is between 16 to 18 degrees celsius. The highest being around 31 degrees. This limit is made regarding safety procedures so no extreme degree condition will harm the owners and their families.

You also get many other features, depending on the remote control design you bought, The newer the equipment, the smarter options you can have. 

The HVAC unit, on the other hand, is the big appliance that allows the air distribution around the house. The different parts inside it allows the creation and circulation of cool or warm air depending on what you clicked on the digital pad – also known as the thermostat.
A HVAC unit contains the AC compressor which allows the control and transformation of the air inside your unit.

What are the different types of an AC thermostat?

  1. Mechanical 

  2. Electronic 

  3. Programmable 

  4. Non-Programmable

  5. WI-FI 

  6. Smart

1-Mechanical Thermostat:

mechanical thermostat

This is the most simple and cheaper one in comparison to the other types. It is powered from the line voltage.

The design is also very simple. It consists of a housing and a knob. The mechanical layout has several temperature options you can choose from. What you have to do is move the knobs to the direction you want.

The choices for temperatures are limited as there is usually a deviation of 2 or 4 degrees. So let’s say you have a temperature of 28 listed, the near options would be either 26 or 30. You do not have the freedom to choose a specific temperature.

2- Electronic Thermostat

electronic thermostat

This option is more precise and accurate than the previous one mentioned. While mechanical thermostats operate by a deviation of 2 celsius degrees, the electronic one limits all the variations by plus/minus 0.1 degrees.This why it is the most popular one amongst the two.

This one also has a better digital layout. You have a screen that allows you to see the current temperature. If it’s a more advanced model you’ll also get the outdoor temperature.The screen has either digital buttons or touch buttons inside the screens that allow you to iterate and modify the heating of the AC. 

3- Programmable 

programmable thermostat

This one is an enhanced version of the electronic thermostat. More functionalities and features were added. With a programmable thermostat, you have different mode options. Examples include night mode which allows the AC to start at a specific time of the day at a specific temperature based on your choice, You also have energy saving mode amongst other options.

4- Non-programmable 

non-programmable thermostat

This is a very basic version of the electronic thermostat. It does not include any smart features and all modifications on the temperature must be made manually by pressing on the button. You cannot have the pre-program options  to switch your house’s temperature while you’re sleeping

5- WI-FI

wifi thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostats are programmable thermostats with enhanced technology. They connected to a network. This allows you to use your phone as your remote control and adjust the thermostat’s temperature. It is not only your phone you can access with this network. You can use your Ipad, tablet or any smart gadget as your remote controller.  

6- Smart 

smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is implemented with automation tools that allows the tool to learn your habits and behavior. WIth time, the thermostats understands your heating preferences by noticing patterns. Afterwards, it stores the data for future use. Later on you’ll notice that it is self adjusting on its own according to your previous activity during various times of the day. 

You can access this by using any digital tool you have just like a WI-FI enabled one. 


Where Do Problems Start?

When you start noticing any issues in your AC performance, you know that you are dealing with issues that need help. Your thermostat is not the component you need to investigate as your ac maintenance solution. It is just a tool that allows the communication between you and the HVAC. The only thing you need to check in your thermostat is your batteries. If they are good, then you are dealing with major HVAC problems that might need an ac repair and maintenance company. 

A HVAC problem might include dust stuck in air filters or vents. For that, you need to do an ac coil cleaning or start looking for companies that offer services such as ac duct cleaning in dubai. Issues can also involve electrical problems. This may tamper with the cooling results you wanted. There’s different other areas of concerns that only an expert ac repair company can help you with.

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