Why Should One Hire a Licensed AC Maintenance Company in Dubai?

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Air conditioning systems are expensive items, and budget-conscious homemakers are always on the lookout for ways to manage home appliances cost-effectively. The weather of a city like Dubai requires the entire home to be air-conditioned, making it imperative to find a reliable AC maintenance company in Dubai that offers quality services without breaking the bank.

Installing multiple ACs requires a considerable investment, plus the machines need regular servicing and maintenance. Entrusting the maintenance and repair work to any person or company who declares themselves experts would be risky. 

Air conditioners are not simple home appliances. They require a professional AC repair and maintenance company in Dubai with well-trained and certified technicians who know how the air-conditioning system works. 

If an air conditioning system does not cool properly or has suffered a breakdown, you need to do an ac repair. For that you will need to ac repair services in dubai. The issue is to know which one to hire as there are umpteen AC repair companies in Dubai. 

Air conditioner with cold wind and remote control

How to find a licensed AC service in Dubai?

The best source nowadays is the internet. It is a fast and reliable way to find a good service provider. You can also talk to relatives and friends for references. Search for those companies that are closest to where you stay. Once you have zeroed on a few of them, check their websites, see their profiles and call them for further information.

Here are a few tips to check the background of an AC repairing Services in Dubai 

1- License 

It is imperative to ask for a license before hiring an AC repair services company, whether for servicing or an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Also, check if the company employs certified AC technicians. It is essential so that one’s expensive AC system does not get damaged by inept handling. The certificate and license confirm that the AC technicians are skilled enough to handle the Air conditioning system.  

2- Experience 

Work experience is an essential factor for any technical job. Apart from being certified, experience helps. An experienced AC repair technician can identify and troubleshoot the AC problem at the earliest. Their expertise enables them to zero into the problem immediately without getting into trial-and-error methods, thus wasting valuable time. A certified  

AC technicians can be good in their work but maybe inexperienced and may not be able to recognize the root cause of a complex issue.

3- Reputation 

For any company to be in the service industry, it is essential to have goodwill and a positive reputation. In the technical service area, it is often seen that some services are casual about their service. For a service that is always “urgent” in nature, AC repairing needs immediate response and efficient resolution to the problem.

Especially the unbearable heat in the UAE. It is important to know how the AC service company responds in such situations. The best way to know is to get word of mouth feedback, referrals or if it is a large and reputed company, then check their website for customer reviews. 

If the feedback is positive, one can take their services or enter into AMC. For example, if one is looking for an AC maintenance company in Dubai, check the website of INFiWAY. 

4- Pricing 

A reputed AC repair service has fixed AMC charges, usually displayed on their websites. The additional charges include the cost of spares and if any, services not covered under AMC. Even for any other repair services, they give a cost estimation after an inspection, which helps one compare and decide. 

Though one may be tempted to get a quick fix to any AC problem by getting it repaired by any technician available, it is always preferable to choose reputed professional home ac repair service. Though it may appear expensive initially to hire reputed AC services, in the long run, they work out cheaper and also ensure that one’s air conditioning system is in prime condition with great longevity.

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