How to Prep before a Professional Paint Job

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How to Prep your house before a Professional Paint Job

Are you looking to get your house painted and make it look beautiful again? For those who love to renovate and revitalize their homes, painting is a major task. The right company will help you with all your needs as they provide quality services at affordable rates.

Now it is the time of that task you’ve been postponing so hard: House painting. You’re excited that you’re finally getting to renovate that house of yours but you’re also stressed as a painting job requires time and prepping. Unless you’re a professional painter in dubai, you have no idea what you’re going to do or how to do it. This is why the first thing on your prepping list needs to be hiring experts and have a list of companies offering wall painting service in dubai

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But you’re probably still confused as there’s still some tasks that are needed on your end to make this project smooth for you. So, do not worry as we give you the full prepping list before any painting job:

What you need to prep

1- Contact your painter


In general, hiring a team that offers professional painting services is the easiest way to make a difference in your home, especially if it’s done by a quality service. We know how much a person can value his home, and as professionals, we will make sure that your home is valued by us, hence if you are looking for the best painting services in Dubai, you have come to the right place.

You need to contact your company to set a date for them to come over and start the job. This will allow you to better organize yourself and your house. When you’re contacting the company make sure you have a confirmed statement of the date, hour on when they are coming and how long this job is expected to last before they’re done. Of course you need to know that by this stage you already did your search on how to find a painting company and what are the criteria you need.

Once the dates have been set, make sure you add it to your calendar and add a reminder the day before so you do not forget. Usually it is preferred to have this done on the weekend as you don’t have work and therefore you have the time to correctly prep your rooms.

When you are hiring painting contractors, do not go for the cheapest company. Do your research before hiring a company and finding out who their main clients are. A good paint job from a professional painters should be finished within 1 or 2 days because they can use different kinds of paints to speed up the process.

2- Move everything

Once you have decided on the rooms you want to upgrade and paint, you’ll have a better understanding on where to store the furniture. Experts recommend moving all furniture and covering them to another area or space so that they won’t get messy or ruined by accident. Moving the small furniture is easy but the problem relies on the big stuff. Examples include the dining tables, sofas, wardrobes or even bed. For the most part these things require a load of space and your house might not cover it. Everything will be crammed and you will have a hard time moving in those rooms. An alternative would be to keep these items in the same room (that is if you don’t have space) or  to store them in the middle of the room. You can also ask the expert in fit out service in dubai that you just hired on which strategy is best suited and less risky. Whatever option he recommends, make sure to cover everything with protecting sheets and a large cloth.

3- Bring out all the electronics

Whilst it is safer to keep your couch and sofas in the same room, it is advised to remove all types of electronics and appliances from the room. These include items like the TV, stove or gaming system. As for appliances that can not be removed like the air conditioner, you can ask your painter beforehand if their company offers ac maintenance services in dubai. This is why they’ll guide you on how to properly cover the ac without damages. In most cases painting companies -If they were real experts- have techniques and tools that will let them cover the ac properly and not cause any paint to reach it.

4- Remove all wall Art

This prepping step is obviously a no brainer but in case you got carried away with stress we’re adding it here. Please do not forget to remove any decoration or wall art. Order your bubble wrap ahead of time if you do not have any in your house and wrap them carefully.

5- Confirm the final paint color with your partner

You’d be surprised to know how many couples clash on the actual day of the paint due to a miscommunication between them. For the most part the husband is the one who agreed with the painting company on the final shades without updating the wife (or vice versa). So for you to make sure this does not happen, double check on the samples for each room with your partner and confirm it once more with the painting and maintenance company in dubai

6- Check of unsolved issues

This is an extra step that is a little on the exaggerated side but being safe is better than being sorry later on. Hire a cleaning service or a maintenance guy to see if you have humid walls or mold. If that’s the case you will need to fix this issue before you start with any painting project.
-> You can check our Reasons why Mold is growing in your house Article to know more about this issue

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Looking for professional painting service in dubai?

In general, hiring a team that offers professional painting services is the easiest way to make a difference in your home, especially if it’s done by a quality service. We know how much a person can value his home, and as professionals, we will make sure that your home is valued by us, hence if you are looking for the best painting services in Dubai, you have come to the right place.


Whether you’re having a new home project or just looking to renovate it a little bit, always consider the below of why it is important to have a quality painting service. Our professional team will make sure your expectations will meet your needs. We will also assure you that our team will provide you with the best quality painting services in Dubai, clear and prompt communication, and excellent customer service.

Always consider the following:

✔️Home painting and renovation is stressful. When you are building your own house, doing a home fit-out or wanting to freshen up your house, you will always be stressed out about the team that will paint your house. They might end up ruining the walls or create a huge mess in the house. Moreover, we totally understand that choosing the interior and exterior type of paint can also be a headache. That’s why infiway offers one of the best house painting services in Dubai. Our team will save you from all the stress. We want you to relax and enjoy your day off from your busy schedule and we will do the work for you.
✔️Quality painting services will add resale value to your home. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a position of selling or not, but it is always a possibility in the near future. That’s why we promise you a great smooth service that keeps you satisfied.

Again we say the best part about quality painting service is that it can make a huge difference to your home, but always make sure you know where to implement these small changes. We want you and your guests to be relaxed and happy, and make sure we’re delivering the best possible. Infiway is just a call away.


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