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The house moving checklist – tips for moving into a new home

The time is here where you finally brought your dream apartment. The property keys are all yours now! But here comes along the big move alongside feelings of stress and excitement. Now, you need to start thinking about how to organize your clothes, bills and documents so it’s not a mess when you get to your new apartment. Staying organized is the key and needs to be at the highest level priority to have a successful move. It is not an easy task- therefore don’t expect everything to go smoothly. This is why we created this checklist for you, to become a moving pro in no time.

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The checklist

This checklist takes into consideration several factors and you can consider this article as your moving guide. It can help you get more guidance on the journey awaiting you.

Decide on your moving date

The first thing you need to do is set a date and a timeline that makes you stick to a date. This way you’ll have more coordination and time managing abilities. Here is what you need to keep in mind for your next move:

  • Prioritize yourself and your family – Make sure you choose a date that is convenient for both you and your family. The moving shouldn’t alter   always do what’s best for you and your family’s needs. Make sure the moving day does not fall on a school or exam day. It is better for it to be on a school holiday or a weekend.

  • Be flexible – Even with a clear set date, you have to be aware that you might face issues or delays. So be flexible and have an open mind to it.

  • Check availability – If you’re planning on hiring handyman services in dubai or painting services in dubai you need to check the available dates with. These types of services can take time depending on what you had in mind so the work needs to be done before you actually move. For this of job make sure to hire the best maintenance company in dubai with home renovation services dubai

  • Making a deal with the wrong company will double your time as you will need to find another maintenance company in dubai service to help you from scratch. With this, you are forced to change dates.

Contact your maintenance company 

You’re probably so happy and excited about settling in your new apartment or house. But amidst all that happiness do not forget the important tasks and to call your maintenance company to do a post move-in check up on the utilities which might include plumbing, electricity, phone lines, gas and so much more. You also need to run a final check on these utilities on your existing home. This way you can sell it or give back the tenancy in excellent conditions. So make sure you add on your checklist the following:

  • Water : Think about Water tank cleaning or a plumber near me service

  • Electricity: You need someone to check all the wirings and if there’s any electrical problems. For that you need to hire an electrician dubai or a company with electrician maintenance in dubai

  • Gas: You need someone to check the gas for you.

  • Broadband/Phone
    Repair services: Before you leave make sure your current house is all well maintained. For example, make sure you hire an ac technician to have your home ac repair done and maybe hire an expert to fix those squeaky doors

Now that you’re done with the repairs of the old and future house you can get to packing. Start each room on its own or else you will have a big mess that you are not able to manage. Make sure you have bought moving boxes and have contacted a moving company for when the time arrives.

Have a big clear out 

You can take advantage of moving to a new house to declutter and start fresh. We made sure you’ve bought boxes enough to fit in stuff and to start in each room separately. Now sit back and take a deep breath.

The steps:

-In each room identify the biggest looking object that you think has the most items. Once you have located this object start with it.

-Check if this object is also separated into different splits. If that’s the case also start with the biggest space/split

-Have a table or an empty space where you can clear out everything from that space

-Prepare different boxes and label them with a marker: You can label them how you like but make sure it is in a way you’ll understand later on. Make sure you also place a trash bag for “trash” and a box labeled ‘donations’

-Clear out the area into the empty space

-Start checking each item and place them into the rightful box.

This process is long but is needed if you are actually looking to declutter your space. This is also a good time to invite your friends and family to help out. You guys can organize all while reminiscing about the old memories you made together in this house. At the end of the day order a pizza and chill with them- another memory with pizza won’t hurt .

Let your kids help you with this process and let them decide on their items: Which tools/books they want to keep and which one they want to throw away.

Pro tip: Other than the label you choose to add on that box, make sure to write down the name of each room this belongs to. For example: Kitchen, kids room, bathroom. Also, for box that contain fragile items do not forget to mark that

Moving day: Grab only the essentials

On your moving day, you will probably be overwhelmed and stressed out. Make sure to take the essentials with you. So think carefully, what are the things that are indispensable for you? The rest will be taken care of by the moving team.

Our list on essential items you need to have for when you move:

-2x clothing for each person
-2x pjs for each person + undergarments
-Toiletries: tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet roll..
-Water and snacks

The list is big but make sure to really think this through- And then this is it! You are ready.

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